Hello. Nice to Meet You!

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It’s nearly Thanksgiving in the United States, and I’m thinking about how grateful I am that you’re here, reading my blog.

Every week I hit my keyboard and do my best to come up with helpful marketing and design advice. What drives me to work hard for you is the belief that even if your business is small, your brand can be big. Everything I do is to help you accomplish that.

We’ve built a nice community of people on this site since it started in 2010. Even if you’re new here, you’re a part of it. 🙂

This week, I’d like to turn the spotlight on you.

In the comments section, tell me a little about you and your business, and share a link to your website if you’d like.

I’ve done enough talking lately. It’s your turn!

Leave your comment like this:

My friends call me: _____
My business is: _____
My website is: _____

Bonus: please share what’s frustrating you about your marketing efforts right now. That would help me tremendously, because I’ll know what I need to write about in the upcoming weeks.

Who’s going first?

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson coaches people to build profitable online businesses. She's an online educator, author, and keynote speaker. Read reviews of the tools used to run this site and business. Have you taken the free Focus Finder quiz yet?

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145 thoughts on “Hello. Nice to Meet You!”

  1. My friends call me: Jojo
    My business is: Online Marketing (Affiliate Marketing & Offline Business Consulting)
    My website is: https://wait30days.com

    Pam, I absolutely love your blog. I enjoy getting the weekly updates. You’ve created such a wonderful community. I’m busy building up a list of people I trust and admire in the online arena – you’re at the top of the list and I’ll be sharing it on my website! Way to go at being a successful, helpful, powerful woman!!

  2. Hi Pamela. Well, my friends call me Alyssa, my business is ‘sidekickva’ and my website can be found at https://www.sidekickva.com.

    I provide virtual assistant services in my role as ‘sidekick to superheroes’ – there’s a whole lot of cape swooshing in my world.

    My [small] frustration right now is being able to maintain a consistent level of year round marketing activity after a successful launch a couple of months ago. I want to ensure my own business is still out there painting the town purple while I’m busy helping others to flourish.

    That, and I hope with organic growth to be able to commission an all singing all dancing site one day, to allow me to graduate from my own self-build.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Alyssa.

    • Ah, the “how do I keep this ball rolling?” question. That’s a good one, especially when the ball rolling duties fall squarely on you, and you’re running everything else at the same time. Thanks for the great topic, Alyssa. Good luck with your new site!

      • Thanks for your good wishes. It’s a nice problem to have so I’m not complaining. And I know I’ll find my groove once I’ve bedded in this first wave of new business and plant my feet as ‘business owner’.

        Super excited about the future but wouldn’t have gotten this far without learning from sites like yours along the way [happy memories of striking gold with my font selections]!

  3. My friends make jokes: about my body fat levels
    My business is: fighting against fat
    My website is: https://shirtlessnation.com/

    there’s nothing that frustrates me about the marketing now. if i have great results, i won’t need any marketing strategy because i don’t sell anything.

    I’m just trying to find out how to create a community of people with same goals.

  4. My friends call me: Tom
    My business is: Bass Fishing Tackle
    My website is: https://www.tonkatackle.com/

    What’s frustrating me at the moment, is that I am in a very crowded market (I couldn’t help myself, I love bass fishing!), and I haven’t really found a way to distinguish myself from the masses. I know designing my own products would set me apart, but that requires capital I don’t have right now.

    I also know I need to ‘finish out’ my website, but it feels like a daunting task. Where to begin? Although I really enjoyed your Magnetic Design guide, it’s a good place to start.

    • I’m glad to know you enjoyed the guide! For everyone else, the guide that Tom referred to is called “Five Easy Design Enhancements to Make Your Site More Magnetic,” and you can get it here: https://thinktraffic.net/ Just sign up for the Traffic Toolbox in the left column, and my guide is one of the (many) bonuses.

      Tom, are you building a mailing list on your site? That would be a great way to share insider tips with an audience of people who you know are interested in your products.

  5. My friends call me Kaelin.
    My business is hand forged art jewelry.
    My website is https://kaelindesign.com

    What frustrates me is actually finding my clients. I’ve done all the research, have a clear picture, and from all of that, I’ve discovered my clients come to me by word of mouth. They trust their friends, not marketing, and I just can’t seem to find the right approach!

    • Hi Kaelin!

      You know, a lot of folks would trade places with you: they’d LOVE to get more referrals. Since referrals are working for you, part of your marketing strategy could be to make it as easy as possible to refer you, and to encourage referrals as much as possible.

      You might find some ideas in a new book by an author I trust, The Referral Engine by John Jantsch. I haven’t read it myself, but I’ve heard great things about it, and John is a trustworthy resource.

    • Responding here will definitely get you a lot of feedback. I’m wondering though, do you do custom designs? I know my mom would LOVE a custom piece of your jewelry…

    • I’ve seen a couple of jewelry companies like yours do product reviews/giveaways on family-oriented blogs, especially during the holidays. Maybe that would be a way to get an endorsement from someone who has an audience who trusts them?

      • I have tried that route, but unfortunately, it seems to lower the perceived value of my brand. I start getting alot people thinking my work should be free, regardless of the cost of precious metals.

        Thanks for the suggestion though!

  6. My friends call me: Eileen

    My business is: Second Chance Websites, LLC

    My 2 biggest websites are: http//www.theartfulcrafter.com and https://ageless-beauty.com/

    I enjoy your upbeat and informative e-mails very much.

    Frankly, I can’t pay too much attention to the Big Brand System right now as we struggle to recover from all the Google algo changes this year. Years of work are just pouring down the drain.

    We need to diversify income streams and have made progress. I realize The Big Brand System may be part of the answer once we get things stabilized. So please keep in touch!

    Thank YOU, Pam, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Hi there,
    My friends call me Jocelyne
    My business is …
    thats my marketing frustration! I do lots of different things so rounding them all up into a descriptive phrase or title is quite challenging because ‘yoga teacher’ doesn’t really cover it!
    My website is https://corevitalityyoga.com

    • Hello Jocelyne!

      I’m smiling here: it’s not easy to pin down what you offer when there are so many possibilities, is it? Good luck with it: I’m sure the end result will be worth the effort.

  8. My friends call me: Marlene
    My business is: Photography education (on and offline)
    My website is: http://www.imagemaven.com

    I’m frustrated with marketing and always being “on.” It’s like always having homework. Maybe I’m not cut out for this.

    How do you sustain your marketing efforts over the long haul? Can marketing be outsourced? Is it wise to do that?

    • Conversion: that’s a tough one! Are you doing any kind of A/B testing? Sometimes a small tweak can make a big difference in conversion percentages, but you’ll never know until you test.

      (And thanks for the words of encouragement: I appreciate it!)

  9. My friends call me: CB
    My business is: author, speaker, and educator
    My website is: https://ecosystemgardening.com
    Plus two team sites: https://beautifulwildlifegarden.com and https://nativeplantwildlifegarden.com

    My biggest frustration right now is building community, both with my readers at all three blogs as well as with my 40 team members who write for me. I want to teach them to engage with each other more and am modeling that behavior for them, but they’re not fully onboard with that yet. I’ll keep trying 🙂

  10. My friends call me Nicole~ (nicole tilde)
    My business is ‘Me’ and my writing
    My website is https://www.nicolerushin.com

    My blog has evolved with me as I just jumped in years ago to do something creative. I spent way too long taking the wrong advice and ignoring what I was most passionate about, which was writing. Writing poetry, writing prose about the spirit, about nature, gardening, growth and the joys of working from home.

    What I am faced with now is growing my subscriber list. I am looking for sites within my niche to write guest posts for. To get my name outside further outside of my blog.

    I love your clean, crisp, advice on design!

  11. My friends call me Trista (or ‘T’ for short).
    My business is web design and virtual assistance for small businesses.
    My website is https://tristadevries.ca (work in progress, but so super close!)

    My biggest frustration right now is trying to put together all the marketing stuff I read, all the ebooks I have, all the content strategy I’m working on and everything else that’s out there and available right now to help people just like me succeed in my business — and actually do it. I have no idea how to start marketing my stuff online, or offline for that matter, beyond having a well out together website and a solid content strategy. Commenting? Sure. Guest posting? Why not. But it’s difficult to fit all the pieces together, put it into a box and call it “my marketing plan” when it’s only me, my computer and the awesome stuff I know I can offer.

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who has this feeling!!! (Also, love your stuff Pamela!)

    • Trista? Welcome to the club.

      The only way to get beyond that feeling of “Aaack! So many marketing techniques, which should I try first?” is to pick a few you think will work, try them over a few months, and review your results. Then you make adjustments, and keep moving forward. That may mean dropping some things and incorporating new ones.

      But always include a testing/results review phase. It’s crucial. You may not like what you see, but confronting your results head on and responding to them intelligently is the mark of a mature business owner.

      It’s not sexy. At all. But it works!

  12. Pamela …

    My longest-time friends (I never say “oldest” anymore) call me Cat, everyone else calls me Catherine.
    I’m reinventing myself doing workshops and coaching on Compelling Presence and business communication skills. Drawing on skills from several previous careers …
    Website: http://www.catherinejohns.com (Two main colors, two fonts – I’ve been paying attention.)
    Marketing challenge … getting some momentum going. I finally got my basic website up. Now I need to get a list going — and create things to market to those people. And write more blog posts. And do social networking. And write a book. And … Well, you get the picture. I have a LOT of challenges!


    • Hi Cat! That is awesome: I absolutely love seeing how people have applied what I talk about here. Thanks for sharing.

      You’ve got a lot of great ideas. Here’s a question: of all the tasks you have in front of you, which one would give you the best long-term results for the least amount of upfront time/money investment now?

      I was exactly where you are just two years ago. Every business idea has to start somewhere, and that starting point can be really, really daunting. But if you focus on doing the one thing that will give you the best long-term results, then go back to your list and work on the next one, and the next one … you’ll see real results. I promise. 🙂

  13. Hi. My friends call me Beth
    My businesses are Signs by Beth, LLC and Bet Parker Art
    My art website is https://bethparkerart.com
    My sign website is outdated and unmaintained (sad) https://signsbybeth.com

    My sign shop is 20 years old and marketing is what I teach people how to do, with the brands I create for them. BUT… the ART marketing is really much harder for me. I find it hard to stand out from all the thousands of terrific artists out there. (I wish I just needed a sign) I blog, facebook and twitter, but none of those methods has a real “plan” to grow my following. I’m a fish flopping around on the beach these days. he he

    I enjoy your emails very much. I liked reading the posts here, too. Have a great day!

  14. Friends call me Jim.
    My business is writing/publishing.
    The website is https://www.gracefulword.com
    My greatest challenge is finding the time I need (as well as the funds) to properly market our first release, a novel entitled Moe. I work a very full-time job managing and crewing three aircraft for use by two companies. This, of course, means I’m gone a lot, too. So I need a compact, quick & easy (did I mention inexpensive?) way to reach a large group of people. When folks ask who my target audience is, I always answer, “The same folks who read Jan Karon’s books.” I’d love to know a way to find and reach those people. I’m currently working on a Facebook/Twitter/You Tube marketing campaign in an effort to drive folks to my website. Hope to launch it in the next 30 days. Finding the time to finish it will be the trick. Many thanks for listening. (p.s. I appreciate the “less-is-more” emphasis in your ideas.)

    • Hi Jim! It sounds like you’re juggling a lot. I like the sound of the YouTube campaign, and coordinating it between different social media platforms. Good luck: I’d love to hear how it goes, so feel free to come back and add a comment later.

  15. My friends call me Wayne
    My business is Restaurants
    My website is https://www.mylastdietever.com

    The website that I have listed is a blog that I set up to motivate me on my journey to weight loss.

    I am sure that many of us just starting out have the same issues to contend with.

    I am reading all I can on internet marketing, but with such a plethora of information it is difficult to get to a starting point and move in a forward direction. There is actually so much information available, that I do not know where to start.

    How does one get readers? How do you go about building a list? And so forth…

    My website has been up for about four months, and I am still waiting for my first legitimate comment.

    I hope that when I get the first comment, the flood gates will open.

    I love reading your emails and your site has provided me with great insight into the world of internet marketing and everything that goes along with it.


    • I hear you on the information overload problem Wayne. When you’re first starting out, you’re in “learning mode,” inhaling every bit of information you can get your hands on. At some point, you switch over to applying what you’ve learned, and that’s where things get interesting!

      Oh, and Wayne? You now have a comment. Go and check!

      • A few days ago I made the decision to stop reading for a while and put what I have learnt into practice.

        I also decided to draw a mind map on what I think needs to be done over the next month or so.

        This map is stuck up on my office wall where I will see it first thing every morning to make sure that I do not forget what my objectives are.

        This will undoubtedly push me in the right direction.

        As for the comment… Thank you so much.

        Receiving the first comment on my site from the doyenne of internet marketing and brand development is quite a feather in my cap.

        • I remember one of my first blog comments was from Jon Morrow, the associate editor of Copyblogger.com. That felt like a major feather in my cap, too. I was smiling for hours!

          I’m so glad I was able to do that for you, Wayne. Here’s hoping it’s the icebreaker to many more future comments.

          You mind map sounds very smart, and keeping it posted where you can see it is a great idea. Good luck with it all: keep us posted!

  16. Leave your comment like this:

    My friends call me: Niel
    My business is: Clearflame
    My website is: http://www.clearflame.co.za

    If you get to my website you’ll only see a placeholder. Why? Because I’ve previously built my websites by hand, but now I don’t have that kind of time and I don’t know how to choose a technology.

    See https://www.toycoon.co.za/flame for the ugliest possible website.

    Also, many of my potential clients are not on the internet. Would it be possible to reach them by text messaging?

    • Hi Niel,

      I can highly recommend self hosted WordPress sites. It’s free software and most web hosting companies provide a way for you to install it on your site with one click.

      Once you’ve installed it, using a high-quality free or premium WordPress theme will go a long way toward visually branding your site. Try to find one that has some controls that will let you go in and modify it so you can make it your own.

      As for the marketing-through-texting concept, I’m afraid that falls outside my area of expertise. If anyone reading this can point Niel in the right direction, feel free to hit reply and chime in!

  17. My friends call me Andrea and sometimes they call me Grandma Mary 🙂
    My business is social media marketing training and consulting
    My website is http://www.AndreaVahl.com and looks so beautiful thanks to your lovely header!

    My biggest marketing/business challenge is focus. I get lots of opportunities (which is wonderful) and my tendency is to say yes to everything. So I’m doing some writing, blog posting, workshops, webinars, coaching, strategy packages and I’m a little scattered. I need to pare it all down and make sure I’m doing the most profitable things and the things I most enjoy. But I kind of like it all. So that makes it harder to say no 🙂

    • Hi Andrea! Sounds like there’s a blog post about focus in my future. It’s something we all struggle with, whether we’re just starting out or we’ve achieved some success. I’m not sure the problem ever goes away, but I know a few tricks to help, so I’ll share them in an upcoming post.

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  18. My friends call me: Wendy

    My business is: Well, it has the same name as me (Wendy Cholbi) but what it *does* is help people get comfortable using WordPress, AWeber, E-Junkie, and websites in general.

    My website is: https://www.wendycholbi.com

    My biggest marketing challenge is being consistent. How to keep those blog posts coming on a regular basis, stay active on social media networks enough to “stay on the radar,” send out emails to my various lists in a timely way…and not feel like I’m a prisoner of my schedule/calendar as a result. Please say I’m not alone!

    • Hi Wendy!

      I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to read through the comments (there are a lot: thanks everyone!), but you are definitely not alone. It’s the bane of the small business owner: how do you keep all those balls in the air at the same time? I’ll post about it soon, and will welcome any tips and tricks people would like to contribute.

  19. My Friends call me – Claire or Sophie/Emma’s mum
    My Business – employment law advice
    My website – http://www.yourlaw.co

    My biggest marketing/business challenge is getting customers. Converting those who find our site into enquiries, let alone customers.

    Love Big Brand System, has helped enormously


  20. My name is Jen Waak

    My business is Keyboard Athletes – health, wellness and movement coaching for the anyone who spends wayyy too much time at a computer

    My website is: http://www.keyboardathletes.com

    My biggest marketing challenge is figuring out the right marketing mix: blog, video, guest posts, speaking, networking events, etc. And how to get the most bang for my buck.

    • Hi Jen!

      It’s an adventure trying to sort it all out, isn’t it? I happen to know you’re just getting started, so you may spend these first few months throwing a bunch of stuff at the proverbial wall and seeing what sticks. Once you have some data to work with, it should get easier to prioritize.

      Anyone reading this at their computer should head over to Jen’s site. There’s lots of great information there!

  21. Everyone calls me: Luke
    My business is: Customizing digital magazines for Customer Appreciation Program
    My website is: https://www.mainstreetmagazines.com

    Biggest challenge is creating awareness and setting up the sales appointments…. everyone is busy, stressed, frustrated at all the choices available in marketing and ultimately afraid to make any decision. Unfortunately this leads to doing nothing…!

  22. Hi Pamela,

    Everyone calls me: Mitch
    My business is: copywriting and marketing consulting
    My website is: https://www.lovehateadvertising.com
    Also: https://admuseum.tumblr.com (and a couple others)

    My biggest challenge is making time to create some products, such as ebooks, seminar courses and the like, to create a “passive” revenue stream so I’m not just working project to project. Also making the time to do guest posts and the like (I went through Jon Morrow’s guestblogging course) while ghostblogging for clients and maintaining my own blog site. I’ve also got some ideas for monetizing the tumblr site.

    Thanks for asking! Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Mitch! I’ve heard wonderful things about Jon’s course. I’m sure you’re feeling the urge to go out and apply all that newly-acquired guest blogging knowledge.

      Now you’ve left me scratching my head over how in the world you’re going to monetize a Tumblr site …

  23. Everyone calls me: Jennifer (Jen for close friends & family)
    My business is: Web/Blog Design & Frugal Blogging
    My website is: https://www.newseasondesign.com and https://www.savingandgiving.net

    We haven’t done any true marketing/advertising yet. Our clients have come by word-of-mouth or referral from a designer friend who has some overflow work. I can’t complain. However, because I also run a frugal blog, many of our clients are fellow frugal bloggers. I would like to see us do some marketing that allows us to branch out and not be so niche-specific. I’m just not sure how to go about it.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I’m seeing a theme here: lots of folks are stuck in the referral model, and have an inkling they could do better if they moved beyond it. I’m already formulating a blog post to share some ideas! Thanks so much for your comment.

  24. My friends call me: Nando (@NandoJourneyman on twitter)

    My business is: Creative Journeyman, where I help small businesses with branding, graphic design and online marketing tools and strategies (sound familiar? 😉 )

    My website is: CreativeJourneyman.com

    Right now one of my biggest challenges is defining a niche. I’m finding work on very unrelated industries, so I’m trying to find what the commonality is to try to work with it.

    I love your writing and consider you a business and role model. Please keep up the great work.

    (Great comment turnout, huh?)

  25. My friends call me: Bonnie
    My business is: PR/Marketing
    My website is: Not yet!

    I love the way you break marketing essentials down to bite-sized pieces. I would like some bite size pieces of the essential elements of a corporate brand refreshing strategy. I also struggle with Twitter and Facebook for business, SEO and optimized (social media) press releases. Your blogs are the tops. Always relevant, engaging, authentic and timely. Thank you!

  26. Following my bliss and creating a portal and TV series or documentary about people who are living their dreams.
    I love the act of finding and interviewing these wonderful people.
    The computer effort drains me.
    I have a marketing background but was away from it for a few years and it just raced by me.
    So much to learn.
    I have enough knowledge to confuse me!
    I currently have a video-ographer!
    So grateful for that! I don’t have enough brain space to learn all that also.
    Just would love a direct how to book or series on getting all the pieces working at once. Once I get a blog post together, getting an email newsletter constructed, then to hoot suite to get social media updated, then to respond to followers and FB friends!
    Yikes how do I do all this and have energy to help others reach for their dreams!

    • I have a marketing background but was away from it for a few years and it just raced by me.

      It’s all kind of moving at the speed of light lately, isn’t it? It’s kind of thrilling and mind boggling at the same time. Thanks for the comment, Barb!

  27. Hi, Pamela, I saw your tweet about the comments!

    My friends call me Mark, Marky, Fluvius, and more!
    My business is vision, values and brand alignment
    My website is http://www.scottnunez.com.au

    What frustrates me and my business partner is having no direct competitor (that we know of). It means a lot of our marketing is focussed on education. We’ve realised our business is going to grow by referral.

    What we’ve found useful is connecting with like-minded people. We’ve found them through referrals, blog articles, tweets, and especially LinkedIn group discussions. As a result, we’re building relationships with others in Australia (where we are) as well as the UK, US and Canada.

    • I’ll bet there’s a story behind Fluvius 😉

      It’s good to know that LinkedIn group discussions are working for you, Mark. It’s so interesting how different demographic groups tend to gather at different social media “feeding stations.” I’m glad you found where your target market gathers!

  28. My friends call me Michelle. I am currently a Virtual Assistant and the process of re-branding to Marketing Support Specialist. I help entrepreneurs implement their marketing strategies. I would like to know the most important steps to take when re-branding/re-generating your business. I have primarily always received new business through word of mouth and Twitter…looking to do things differently…or enhance what is working n 2012.

  29. Hi Pamela,

    My friends call me: Mary Ellen
    My business is: I invented and market an adhesive mirror that sticks on a lipstick cap.
    My website is: https://www.dazzledot.com

    I love your marketing articles. I am having so much trouble with branding. I am working on a new website and packaging, but just don’t seem to be finding the design that represents my product. Feeling so stuck and frustrated. I want my brand to convey fun, savvy, sophistication but cant’ seem to find those design elements.

    Thank you for writing such helpful articles!

    • Hello Mary Ellen,

      It’s hard to get this stuff just right: are you working with a professional? Good luck with it all. Your product is such a great idea, and it deserves to become well known. 🙂

    • Mary Ellen, when I read your marketing and branding desire to convey “fun, savvy, sophistication”, the mental image that I got was something of a slight “retro” look of Coco Chanel suits; the Jackie Kennedy Onasis style when she was still in the White House; and even the style of Reese Whitherspoon in the movie ‘Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde’ (2003). [Believing In Yourself NEVER Goes Out Of Style! Tagline for ‘Legally Blonde’ (2001).]

      DazzleDot… a polka dot… something?… Headband?… while she’s applying lipstick? Polka dot Scarf? While wearing a cashmere sweater and dark sunglasses? …and walking a dalmation?

      Maybe this could be a jumping off point, if you have now discovered what you DON’T want… lol! Sounds like fun discovering your brand. Good luck!


  30. Hi, Pamela –

    My friends call me: Deb or Deborah (and one calls me “Chip” to her “Dale”, but that’s a long story) Just never, never Debbie! LOL

    My business is: Web development, custom web applications and software extensions for Joomla! Content Management System websites. We’re about 85% B2B, working mostly with other web design and development companies.

    My website is: https://PolishedGeek.com

    We’re in a major site redesign through the end of 2011 and I’m very excited. I think the new website is going to be easier for our customers to navigate, improve integration with our backoffice, and better express our branding.

    One of my biggest challenges is that we are seriously considering redesigning our logo in conjunction with the website redesign. I’m struggling with just how much can we depart from what we use today, without losing too much brand recognition? On the one hand, we don’t want to stay too close to logo design that we know is less than ideal. And we’ve gotten some great new ideas from designers, but most are a significant departure from today’s logo, including some color changes.

    What’s your advice on launching a new logo and look for your brand? We’ve been using the same logo, company colors and branding for almost 3 years, since we went into business, so it’s pretty well established.

    Love your weekend digests by the way. Look forward to them because on the weekends is when things slow down enough for me to be able to sit with a coffee and absorb what you’ve highlighted as the best of the week. 🙂

    ~ Deb Cinkus, CEO
    Polished Geek

    • Hi Deb,

      You’re not the first person to ask about re-branding. I’ll post about it soon, but I can give you a couple of quick tips in the meantime.

      First, I should say that I usually ask clients to think long and hard before they re-brand, for the same reason you stated: you’ve built up recognition, and when you re-brand you have to start that process all over again.

      If you’re determined to go ahead with it, then I’d recommend trying to retain some visual element of your current brand if possible. Maybe you can use the same colors, but a different typeface, for example. Or change the symbol, but keep the type the same.

      If you can pull that off, you’ll build on the existing recognition you have: you’re not asking people to “learn” a completely new identity for your business.

      Good luck with it!

  31. My friends call me Kat. Everyone here can, too! 🙂

    My business is helping people reach their goals faster, easier and with greater success by teaching them how to connect to creative solutions by focusing on practical approaches to using intuition to see situations, problems and opportunities more clearly.

    My websites are: http://www.56vibes.com and http://www.katsturtz.com

    My biggest frustration is learning to adjust and delegate more clerical and routine tasks so I can spend more time and energy focusing on the unique private and group coaching programs that are my passion.

    • Hello Kat!

      Nice brand promise! 😉

      The delegation thing is hard to get used to, but it’s quite addictive once you get the hang of it. I’ve had the lovely Paulina helping me for the past year, and it’s amazing how much the two of us can accomplish.

      I am putting together a mini course with Karyn Greenstreet that’s about business growth, and one of the lessons will be a delegation checklist. We’ll have it ready within the next two weeks, so stay tuned!

  32. Howdy Pamela & friends!

    Everyone calls me Dina although friends and clients think of me as their ‘mensch’.

    I help unsure entrepreneurs to enjoy their business and do their best work without being hassled or feeling overwhelmed by teaching them how to speak up for themselves in a powerful yet positive and generous way to clients, employees and colleagues. My background as an Ombuds, mediator, attorney and corporate consultant gave me lots of content to share on how to ‘own’ your own business that I want to share.

    Your site has been invaluable to me, especially your posts on Teaching Sells. I’m working through that course to create content of two sites that feed the left and right side

    Left: https://HassleFreeContracts.com- a ‘speak up’ revolution, and book which at the moment is a placeholder site. My frustration here is how to build buzz and engage readers in that format until the launch weeks from now. I’m beginning to build relationships and content now . Question: how to find ( and educate) this particular tribe when it’s clearly not sexy or fun to raise your hand and say I’m struggling with client interactions.

    Right: https://DinaLoves.com- Musings about design, food and life from an empty-nest mom & entrepreneur. I’ll be chronicling the renovations of my 1935 Cape named Vivian (she is so lovely she deserved a proper name) Question: how to monetize this kind of site, sponsors? product reviews?

    And here’s the biggie: how do you get engagement and dialogue going when your topic isn’t one you can build community around?

    I’ve enjoyed all your design posts and will definitely be following the 2 by 2 rule on the new site. Thanks as well for introducing me to all these fine, fabulous businesses.

    As Arnold might say,
    I’ll be back!

    • Well hi there, Dina! It’s great to meet you.

      You’re going to love Teaching Sells. It’s a bit overwhelming, but there’s such great information there, and I think you’ll find it applies to both of your sites.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and introducing yourself!

  33. Hi Pamela, your newsletter is a must-read for me every week. No matter how busy I am, I always make time to read it. Your advice and tips have helped me considerably over the past year.

    Right now, my challenge is launching a new business. I have created a new travel book brand and just written my first book. I need to tell people about my book and inspire them to try an a new brand.

    When my design agency created four possible logos for my books, I used your blog post about logos to confirm my choice was the right one. It really helped. thanks!

  34. My friends call me: Javi
    My business is: Online Marketing (helping companies set their online presence and convert it into business)
    My website is: https://i2m.co
    My biggest frustration right now is converting leads into customers, where the economic climate in Spain is not helping at all!
    Apart from that my main improvement area is design. Im horrible at it and that’s where your terrific site fits Pamela 🙂 I love it and I always learn something new from it.

    • Hola Javi,

      I’m afraid the economic climate isn’t good anywhere right now. I’m confident things will get better, but in the meantime, we’re all feeling it.

      It’s good to know you’re getting leads at least. You must be doing something right!

  35. My friends call me: Sally
    My business: OKIFOLKI
    My website: Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/OKIFOLKI Blog https://okifolki.blogspot.com/

    I’m (slowly) taking in all your fabulous advice and it’s working! If you Google ‘Okifolki’ I now cover the entire front page and every time I Tweet or post on Facebook, the views on my shop shoot up! Less than 3 weeks in business, so it’s too early to be frustrated by anything just yet. All I can say is I’m so glad I found you before I launched – you’ve been a great help. THANK YOU!

    • Sally, your work is beautiful! And may I say? Under priced.

      I know you’re just starting out, so maybe that’s part of your strategy. They’re gorgeous pieces of handmade, original art. If I were you I’d plan a price hike in the near future.

      Thus ends my unsolicited advice … good luck with your shop, and I’m very glad to hear you’ve found some good advice here.

  36. Hi, Pam! I’m a fellow Lehigh Valleyan, too! (Valleyite) My friends call me: Diane (or in some places online, Pan or Pandora, short for my username, PandorazBox80)
    My business is: writing. Specifically, creative writing and helping others write better. I’m still in the very early stages (you know, the waving-arms-in-the-air-and-yelling-here-I-am stage), but I offer cheap but quality editing to anyone who writes anything. They have better output, I’ll be able to make some extra money to support my family, win-win!
    My website is: The Literary Schmorgasboard https://theschmorgasboard.com
    My biggest marketing frustration is really just getting word out to a wider audience. I am active on Twitter and have several people who are willing to RT things for me, but I always have to ask. Not that I mind, but between writing and my two kids, I’d like to get to the point where at least a small number of people are spreading the word without my prompting them. It doesn’t help that my crowd is mostly people not needing my help. Ah, well. All in good time, right? Thanks for this opportunity. Have a great day!

    • Hi Diane!

      That’s a fantastic description of the early days of a business. Kind of like, “Hello! Anybody out there?”

      Good luck. I think your offering is important: more and more people who aren’t writers (I’m an example) find themselves needing to write. A lot!

      High-quality editing helps polish up your words so they’re depict you as a professional who pays attention to detail.

  37. My friends call me: Jamila
    My business is: Westerfield Tax Service
    My website is: no website yet, just Facebook
    Turning “fans” into clients is frustrating! I can get people to “like” my page but I’m having trouble actually interacting with them on the site and gaining their business. I think I’m doing it wrong.

    • Hi Jamila,

      I hope you’ll consider starting a website soon. Facebook pages are great, but you don’t own them: Facebook does. There’s nothing like your own website address. It will make your company look more professional, and that should help you build your customer base.

      Good luck! Thanks for commenting.

  38. My friends call me: Anita
    My business is: Xanadu How To – online tips and tricks for music artists
    My website is: https://www.xanaduhowto.com/
    Biggest frustration: I only just started so not much to see yet. But biggest frustration is how to simplify the info out there, there’s so much to learn and the technologies change all the time. Perhaps best solution is to have many guest bloggers?

    • Hi Anita!

      One advantage of a blog is that the most recent information is what’s displayed first, and your posts are dated. So don’t worry too much about changing technologies: just post about things as they happen, and your readers will follow along. Good luck 🙂

  39. My friends call me Kathryn.
    My business is Keep Me Quilting – fascinating practical ideas for easily-distracted quilters
    My website is https://keepmequilting.com

    I just started setting up my site, and I have just enough up so that I can work on refining the settings – one post, and an About page… and I’m still working on those. I’m learning my theme as I go.

    I applied the two-color rule that I read about, here; the two colors switched around quite a bit before I settled on what I have now. I’m afraid it looks amateurish with no graphics.

    I’m combining quilting with the particular traits of a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP); this is my unique platform within quilting, but even I had not heard of HSP until a month ago. Since I began quilting, I’ve been making changes to the way I quilt because I’m HSP, and want to pass this on to others.

    I do not yet have an incentive gift for opting-in to a mailing list; no mailing list delivery service, yet.

    I had a friend inform me that there is NO monetization for HSP or ‘Highly Sensitive Persons’. (It’s quite academic, it seems.) Perhaps he was also saying that no one is searching this term.

    What I would like is a checklist that would guide me through EVERYTHING required to get a post written. For example:

    1. Write the post/proof read/add titles to clickable links or add link to specific words.

    2. Find/edit/insert pictures.

    Or, if I want to do video… the steps to making and editing a video, and inserting in a post…in detail.

    3. Title the pictures (there are several areas to fill out, that I don’t understand, yet); use SEO?

    4. Place SEO tags in boxes. (Do I need to research this, first?)

    5. Whatever comes next…

    6. Mail out a notice to readers that the post is up?…

    More detail than this… because I don’t KNOW the details. I’ve grouped things that should have their own number, but I don’t know the order. The SEO part feels especially overwhelming.

    From Kathryn Kistner, who’s now saying,
    “That’s my fantasy… something to… well… keep me from getting distracted!”

    • Hi Kathryn! It sounds like you’re on the right track. I just peeked at your site, and I LOVE the “No Pain, No Strain” readability guarantee. Priceless!

      As for posting and video techniques, I found it very helpful to develop a checklist at the beginning. Then every time you do those things, you work your way down the checklist. As you learn new skills (SEO, for example), you can add those in.

      Don’t feel like you have to master it all at once. Just get the basics down, and once you’re at the point you don’t even need to refer to your checklist, you can add things to it.

      Good luck!

      • Hi, Pamela,
        I’m glad you like my guarantee. 70% of my niche is between 55 and 85 years old. If they can’t read it… they’ll leave… and I don’t want that! Blogs with SUPER-EASY reading make ME want to stay.

        Older eyes will welcome the “unnatural” font size… and if they get used to the font size on my blog, they might wonder why other blogs don’t do it. LOL. Maybe this will start a new trend for blogs catering to aging baby boomers and the generation just ahead of them. 😉

        Yes, the checklist will keep me focused. The idea that I don’t have to get all the tags and such in place, immediately, is a new concept for me. It feels a little strange, like I haven’t finished my work, yet.

        How can I ‘reframe’ this new idea so that it doesn’t feel unfinished?

        …Adding the SEO tags is like rolling out advertising. Advertising is often more effective once there’s more to see; then I can make a more favorable first impression.

        From Kathryn Kistner, who’s now saying,
        “This works. It’s too early to advertise. Perhaps in a couple of weeks, when I have written more posts.”

        • I wouldn’t leave it for too long, Kathryn, but if you dive in an focus on writing great posts for a month or two, and then go back and optimize them once you know what keywords you’re aiming for, there’s no harm done.

          As you say, there’s so much to learn at first. Just focus on baking the cake, and you can add the icing later. 😉

    • Kathryn,

      Your checklist is a good start. Thanks for the confirmation that something like this is needed. I’ve been meaning to compile such a list in a format that’s usable by most bloggers (What do you think, Pam, is it part list/part flowchart?)
      Definitely make SEO a part of every step. In video, make sure your title uses relevant keywords as well as using the keywords box. Some people recommend including a transcript of the video(I just read YouTube will even synchronize it as captions!)
      Your basic mailing can be an automated RSS-feed newsletter: you post, it goes out as an email.
      I’m all fired up about making the checklist now!

      • Hi, Nando,
        Have you finished the checklist, yet? (It hasn’t even been 24 hours, yet… but no pressure! LOL!) Yes, a blog checklist is definitely needed and wanted. What a cool PRODUCT for you!

        I LOVE the idea of a list and flowchart combination! You just bypass the parts that are not relevant, like if you are NOT doing a video. If you need a “tester”, I’ll be happy to oblige.

        I would like to demonstrate quilting techniques with some simple, short YouTube videos, then send viewers back to my blog for… perhaps a transcript, with still photos of the techniques (a blog post).

        As I think through the process, I’m baffled. Do I shoot the video, edit it, and hold it… while I get a transcript and still photos made, and put all of that in a post? I would want the video IN the blog post (which is really the transcript)… but I won’t have a link until AFTER I upload it to YouTube… but I want the YouTube description to say that they can get the transcript by going to my blog.

        Where do I start and end? There are just too many parts to keep up with, when EVERYTHING is new.

        From Kathryn Kistner, who’s now saying,
        “No wonder babies don’t talk for a couple of years! There’s no frame of reference; …nothing makes sense!”

  40. Wow, what an engaging post. Impressive stuff Pam, and very welcoming.

    My friends call me: J
    My business is: A timeless, success-focused, way of living.
    My website is: Currently being massively re-branded, and will blow the world away at launch. For now, my old site https://SpiritSentient.com is still going strong.

    My biggest ‘frustration’ is: Not having my brand polished, finished, consistent, focused, and launched!

    I feel that doing this will enable massive results in attracting prime audiences, creating fulfilling engagement + authentic community, as well as creating demand and conversions.

    So. Hungry. For. New. Brand. 😉

    Just kiddin’, I’m rarely frustrated 😛

      • Thanks miss, I love it too, it’s contagious!

        I loved your brand cheat sheet — I’d already made one on my own, because it was a natural extension from my strong design background, but I was thrilled to see some share it tutorial-style.

        I’ll definitely keep you posted!

        • Jason, your blog looks really cool! Love your logo/header. And I really like the interesting way you begin each blog post with the big black and gray lettering. I like it a lot!

          • Thank you so much Kathryn, that really means a lot to me. I’m blessed to meet people like you, Pamela, and the community here. Everyone’s treated me so warmly, even though I’m ‘new’ 😀

            I always do what feels best to me, and I love it when other people connect and value it. (and especially love hearing about it :D)

            I swung by your online Quilt-i-verse… epic 🙂

  41. My friends call me: Brian
    My Business is: Stealth Mode Startup, Psychology Grad Student, Blog
    My website is: https://www.orderedmovements.com

    I read your excellent guide throughout thinktraffic and just found my way to your site recently.

    My main focus right now is writing better and faster for my blog…But branding is a big challenge too as I’m not entirely clear about where I want to take it in the future…Anyway, excited I found your site! Keep up the work!

    • Welcome Brian!

      I’m glad you found the ThinkTraffic guide. For those who’d like to get it, it’s part of the Think Traffic Toolbox, which you can sign up for here: https://thinktraffic.net/

      Writing gets easier the more you do. And sometimes your brand develops as you write and get to know who your readers are: it’s a nice give-and-take effect that’s helpful if you pay attention. Good luck with it!

  42. My friends call me Debbie.
    My business is Ageinista-“Living vibrantly in the second half of life.”
    My website is http://www.ageinista.com
    After retiring as a college counselor, I am now looking at how to grow my very part-time life coaching business. I plan to update my web site to reflect a new coaching certification I have and also to add a segment for people rebuilding their lives after cancer. So, I think my main interest right now is increasing the awareness of my services.

  43. Hey, Pamela!

    My friends call me: Lisa
    My business is: Sprout New Media – web design & development, WordPress training, web marketing coaching
    My website is: https://sproutnewmedia.com

    My biggest challenge right now is shared by lots of other people in this thread – yup, juggling. Can’t wait to read the post you come up with for that.

    And Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  44. Hi Pamela,

    My friends call me: Cathy
    My business is: Treatment Talk
    My website is: https://treatmenttalk.org

    Just found your site so ready to learn more about design and marketing. I have a website and blog supporting addiction, recovery and treatment and would like to expand my reach, so looking for new ideas on how I can make my site and future ebook more useful. Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Hello, Cathy! Your site looks like a very welcoming place, and I’m sure it provides comfort to many people.

      I’m glad you found this site. I’ll do my best to provide good information you can use for your future projects. Welcome!

  45. My friends call me: Michelle
    My business is: Providing information to help families find colleges.
    My website is: https://www.diycollegerankings.com

    My biggest frustration is building my email list. I’ve read a lot about guest posting but haven’t found any suitable sites. All the examples people provide seem to be on the topic of blogging or business or marketing in general. It would be helpful to see this applied in other areas like fishing or photography or cooking. I realize that this might not be the best approach for my website which is my other frustration–how to figure the best approach without trying everything ever written about.

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