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High-end Fonts for Free: How to Go Upscale with Your Typography

High-end Fonts for Free: How to Go Upscale with Your Typography

Why would you want to spend time looking for the perfect font?

Your fonts add meaning to your words. Look at the examples below.

Surfer font
This font isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t inspire the kind of confidence you need to hand your money over to a stranger to invest it for you.
alegreya font
This font looks upscale, straightforward, and traditional. Just the qualities we’d like to see in our financial adviser.
Surfer Font
The font here works great. It looks happy approachable, and friendly.
Alegreya Font
There’s a disconnect here between the business name and the font. It looks too formal and uptight to be a place where kids will go to have fun.

Picking the right font to fit your message is crucial.

When you’re using a font that aligns with the brand personality you want to communicate, you get extra help reaching the audience you want to reach.

What makes a great font, upscale or not

Readability: Fonts give voice to your written communication. But if the font is difficult to read, it’s like turning the volume down to 0. With so much written content to process now, readers simply won’t take the time to puzzle through your hard-to-read font choice. Readability is the first (and most important) trait to look for in a font.

Personality: There are tens of thousands of fonts available today, and each one says something about your business and your brand. Use the results you get from the Brand Personality Quiz to select the right fonts for your brand personality.

A match with your message: You may have chosen two fonts for your business, but when it comes to applying them, how should you use them? Match your fonts with your message: communicate urgency with a font that’s larger and bolder. Encourage reading with a font that’s set like a book, with nice orderly paragraphs. Have fun with the limited number of fonts you’ve chosen: there’s still plenty of room for creativity even when you’re working with a small selection of fonts.

Want to learn how to use your fonts in an “upscale” way? Read Type Styles of the Rich and Famous.

Ready to go upscale? 3 font combinations that will take you there

The three examples below look upscale, classic, and high end. And — believe it or not — they’re all 100% free.

They come from the vast treasure trove that is the Google Font API. Later in this post, I’ll share resources for using Google fonts on the web and on your desktop.

For now, enjoy the font combinations below.

Allura and Volkhov

Allura is a lovely script font with a hand-made look and wide open letters. Paired with the classic forms of Volkhov, we get a combination that looks upscale, yet approachable. Get Allura and Volkhov.

Allura Font

Molegno and Rosarivo

Molengo might not look upscale by itself, but when you put it next to Rosarivo, you get a combination that looks fresh, inviting, and high end. Get Molengo and Rosarivo.

Molengo Font

Sail and Raleway

Sail is a beautiful script font with high contrast between the thick and thin strokes of the letters. The rounded forms found in Sail pair perfectly with the circular shapes found in Raleway’s letters. Get Sail and Raleway.

Sail Font

Tap into the power of the Google Font API

It’s easy to use the free fonts in the Google Font API on your website. Discover how to apply Google Fonts to the Genesis Framework.

And you can use Google fonts on your own desktop, too. Find out how to use Google Fonts on your desktop.

Time to explore your font options

If you’re chomping at the bit to learn more about fonts, check out the free font resources here.

And if you’d like some guidance choosing the right fonts for your website, take a look at my inexpensive Beautiful Typography guide.

Beautiful Typography

PS: In case you’re wondering, that cheesy over-the-top image at the top of this post is from BigStockPhoto. 🙂

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is an online educator, author, keynote speaker, and the founder of BIG Brand System. Read reviews of the tools used to run this site and business.

Pamela Wilson

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  1. Thank you Pamela – love this kind of stuff .. so creative and exciting. Yes, I fall on the left hand side. Plan to try some of these fonts. Always so helpful!

  2. Pamela,
    Great post!
    I’m in the process of a total website makeover and your Big Brand System training has been invaluable. Yours is one of the only weekly emails I save because you always provide simple yet practical advice for small business owners like me. (As an artist, I appreciate the design side of how you artfully package and present your ideas as well.)
    Thank you!

    • Glad to hear it! Feel free to post a link here when it’s live: I’d love to see them in action.

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