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How to Brand Anything: Your Business, Your Idea, Yourself

One of the reasons I started Big Brand System is that I saw a trend happening in the world of business.

Back in 2010 when this site went live with a single post, I saw that business owners suddenly had access to tools that put the power of design and marketing into their hands.

It was a revolution! Before then, if you wanted to market your business you hired someone to do the work.

But now, online tools, websites, and platforms — many free — are all available to use to brand your business.

Here’s the thing, though — just because you have a kitchen doesn’t mean you’re a great cook.

Access to tools doesn’t mean mastery of them. Which is why we see a lot of mediocre marketing and branding floating around the web. It’s earnest and well meaning and kind of … awful.

It’s unreadable. It’s garish. Or it misses the mark in terms of the message.

Here’s where things get interesting …

You might think, “Well, sure, Pamela … business owners with no marketing training aren’t going to produce branding work that’s as polished as what a professional would create.”

And that’s where I see a gap. A huge gap.


Because, you see, I think that people like you — people with ideas, passions, and something to offer the world — are absolutely the ones who should be coming up with your branding and marketing messages. Because …

Who else cares as much as you do?

No one. No one you hire, meet, or employ will ever care as much as you.

Do you need to DIY your marketing forever?

“Great,” you’re thinking. “Along with everything else on my plate, I need to add ‘market the business myself’ to the pile.”

Take heart: You don’t have to keep this up forever.

But in the early days when you might need to keep costs under control, managing your brand yourself has lots of advantages:

  • You learn firsthand what your prospects and customers want from you and your offer
  • You see what people respond to — and what they don’t (ouch)
  • You save big bucks: many of the branding tools available now are completely free. Most of the others are very low cost. When you know what to do with these tools, you can market your business for pennies on the dollar.

At some point, your business may grow to the place where it doesn’t make sense for you to be as hands-on with your marketing.

You may want to hire someone part-time or as a contractor to lend their expertise.

And guess what?

You’ll be a highly qualified brand manager because of the time you did “in the trenches” running your marketing yourself.

How to brand anything in three steps

Don’t let expensive marketing consultants sell you a different story — you can build a memorable, profitable brand in three simple steps:

1. DISCOVER your brand personality

Before you begin speaking to that ideal customer you want to reach, you need to have an idea of what voice you want to use.

Will your marketing voice be casual or formal? Spontaneous or deliberate? Discover your brand personality with my free quiz.

2. BUILD your verbal and visual brand

Once you know who you want to reach and what brand personality you want to express, you’ll develop your verbal and your visual brand.

Your verbal brand consists of your business name, tagline, and the words you use to describe your business.

Your visual brand is how you present your business visually: your colors, fonts, logo, and more.

(Need help? Check out all my inexpensive guides.)

3. PROFIT from your brand

A profitable brand is an organic, living thing.

Once you’ve built your brand, you’ll profit when you communicate using today’s most-effective tactics like content marketing, social media posts and ads, webinars, online products, and old-fashioned networking.

The steps above are what this site is here for

Branding anything — a business, an idea, or even yourself — is not an easy road to take, but you won’t walk it alone.

This community consists of people just like you. People who are go-getters, who like to dig in and do things for themselves and see results!

The information and the people here will give you the support you need to build an unforgettable brand you can feel proud of.

I want you to have the kind of brand that makes you stand up taller and feel great about sharing it with the world.

If you’re not there yet, you’re in the right place.

Get the How to Brand Anything ebook

For more details on how it works, get my free ebook, “How to Brand Anything: Your Business, Your Idea, Yourself” when you sign up for my weekly email tips.

The book is a quick read that spells out the three simple steps needed to brand your business.

You get it for free when you sign up for my emails, which deliver branding and business tips to you once a week.

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is an online educator, author, keynote speaker, and the founder of BIG Brand System. Read reviews on the tools used to run this site and business here.

Pamela Wilson

I want to help you take the next step. Pick your free workshop topic and let’s do this!

6 thoughts on “How to Brand Anything: Your Business, Your Idea, Yourself”

  1. Hey Pamela,

    Just read your interview at Matthew’s.

    Congrats for your book.:)

    You have brought up the three points to build a brand of anything which are great. People should discover, brand and look for the profits.

    Social media marketing, content marketing and many other things can help to build a better brand.

    Having a perfect name, the tagline of the business has a major impact on branding.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

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