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How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources


 Wondering how to succeed with your online business — but feeling a bit overwhelmed as you build it?

Truth is, there’s Too Much Information out there. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, welcome to the club.

You’re in very good company.

Overwhelmed dog

C’mon in and stay a while, my friend.

Because right here on this page, I’ve gathered some of my top (free!) resources in one place. No need to click around the entire internet.

If you need online business tips and tricks, you’ve just found a whole page of them — complete with free worksheets, a free workshop, a free course, and more.

All in all, there are 17 free online business resources on this page, divided into the categories below.

Ready to find exactly what you need?

In this article:

  1. The Free Online Business Success Roadmap
  2. Starting an online business
  3. Creating your homepage
  4. Online branding basics
  5. Content marketing strategies and tips
  6. Visual content marketing guidance
  7. Email marketing and list building ideas
  8. Launching your offer
  9. Mindset tips and guidance

How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources 1My short story — and maybe yours, too?

Here’s how I started my online business:

  • Mid-way through my career running a very successful design and marketing firm, I started to get antsy.
  • I knew I had more to offer — and I wanted to reach the people who needed it.
  • At this point, I knew how to run a profitable offline business. But how to run a profitable online business?

I didn’t have a clue …

When I wondered how to start a small online business, I didn’t have any answers at all.

It wasn’t for a lack of information. Oh my … there was so much information out there! My confusion came from not knowing …

  • Who to pay attention to
  • How I wanted to “show up” online
  • Where to start and what to do first
  • What to expect as my business grew

The whole process took a lot longer than it should have. But eventually, things took hold and BIG Brand System started to grow steadily.

Over time, I was able to dial back my offline business as I ramped up my online business because — surprise! — my online business income began to replace my offline business income. Then it exceeded it.

That’s when I knew it was time to pull the plug on my offline business and devote myself 100% to my online venture.

Along the way, I accumulated loads of online marketing tips and tricks. Some of the best ones are right here on this page — I can’t wait to share them with you.

Let’s get started!

Dig deeper: Grab the additional resources in the articles below

The articles on this page are like a short course in online business. And — BONUS — almost every article has a worksheet, guide, or checklist that you can use to dig deeper and apply the topic covered to your own business.

There’s a lot here. Don’t be shy: Scroll through, grab what you need today, then bookmark this page and re-visit it.

How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources 2

1. Start with a simple, step-by-step approach to building an online business you’ll love

How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources 3Great news:

You can ignore 75% of the tactics you see when you learn the simple Plan & Grow BIG approach to online business building.

It’s the perfect place to begin. You’ll have a framework you can use as you start, build, and grow your profitable online business.

Get my free Online Business Success Roadmap for an easy-to-follow checklist that will introduce you to Plan & Grow BIG and will guide you on your online business journey.

2. How to set yourself up for online business success

Man about to start a race (or start an online business!)

Read How to Write a Winning Online Business Startup Plan in Under 20 Minutes

A clear plan will help you get your online business off to a strong start. But how can you make a plan when you don’t know where to start?

This article features:

  • tips to ask (and answer) the right questions as you plan your business
  • guidance so you can create a business that’s meaningful to you
  • a free, downloadable, and editable 20-Minute Online Business Planner

How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources 4

Read How to Adopt an Online Leader Success Mindset

Online business means visibility — perhaps more than you’re used to. Embrace it as an opportunity to lead in your space!

This article features:

  • tips to help you embrace an online leadership role
  • guidance on growing into your leadership role gradually

How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources 5

Read Why Some People Triumph Online … and Others Never Make It

Success online is as much about persistence as anything else. But there are a few more traits that will boost your chances.

This piece features:

  • tips to help you stay focused on what really matters (so you can ignore the rest)
  • guidance on the four Plan & Grow BIG stages so you can learn this valuable approach to business building
  • a free Plan & Grow BIG Quiz to help you pinpoint what to focus on right now

How to prioritize for better productivity

Read How to Prioritize Your To-Do List and Make Massive Progress on Your Big Project

So much to do — what should you work on first? I’ve got your back with the guidance and resources in this article.

You’ll discover:

  • tips to help you sort through your massive to-do list
  • guidance on how to focus on what really matters right now
  • a free Instant Project Prioritizer so you can organize your to-do list in a flash

3. Homepage design: Create an warm online welcome that attracts and grows your audience

How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources 6

Read Homepage Design Ideas: How to Make Money from “Hello”

Your homepage is a crucial first impression. It’s also a chance to begin a customer relationship!

The article features:

  • tips to help you come up with a “website tagline” that immediately explains what you do
  • guidance on what to talk about on your homepage (it’s not what you think)
  • a free Winning Homepage Checklist you can use to guide your homepage creation process

winning online business homepage

Read How to Create a Homepage for Your Online Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

For more homepage inspiration, see the infographic and tips in the article below.

The article features:

  • an quick review of the three essential jobs every homepage must do
  • video guidance for putting together your page with ease
  • a free infographic that walks you through it all step-by-step

4. Online branding: How to make an impact they’ll remember

How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources 7

Read Does Your Online Brand Really Make You Successful?

In the context of an online business, what role does your brand play? How important is it? And how can you create a memorable brand that builds your business?

The article features:

  • tips to ask (and answer) the exact right questions to pinpoint the kind of brand you should build
  • guidance on brand types: personal, business, and “hybrid” brands
  • a free Online Brand Building Checklist so you can work through the branding process all by yourself

5. Content marketing: Build an audience with helpful, authoritative information

Man at computer: Content Marketing Strategy, How to Share Your Valuable Expertise

Read Content Marketing Strategy: How to Share Your Valuable Expertise

Content marketing can be either:

  1. A fantastic way to attract and grow an audience and an online business, or …
  2. A massive wast of time and effort.

Your content strategy is what makes the difference between these two outcomes.

The article features:

  • tips to create a content marketing strategy that helps you meet your business goals
  • a free Content Marketing Strategy Guide and a slide presentation to help you with all your content planning

How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources 8

Read Repurposing Content: 5 Simple Ways to Get Remarkable Reach

Once you’ve gained some confidence as a content creator and are ready to build your skills, challenge yourself to repurpose your content so you can take it from one platform to another.

The article features:

  • tips for content repurposing: why it’s important and how to do it
  • guidance on how to take content you’ve created in one media type and morph it into another
  • a free Magic Content Proliferator to help you maximize the reach of every piece of content you create

6. Visual content marketing: Use the power of images to attract your ideal customer

How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources 9

Read Branded Images are a Fun, Creative Way to Get Eyes on Your Website [Examples]

The internet is all about grabbing people by the eyeballs. And that’s fast and easy when you are harnessing the power of images.

The article features:

How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources 10

Read 5 Easy Steps to Create Stunning Content Marketing Images [Examples]

Using images can be easy, even if you don’t have any design training. This article outlines five steps anyone can follow!

You’ll also get:

  • tips to help you feel confidence as you choose and use images
  • guidance on “grading” your image so you can begin to see what really works
  • a free ebook, How to Create 5 High-Impact Branded Images

7. Email list building: Nurture and engage your growing audience

How to create content upgrades that grow your email list

Read How to Profit from Your Email List with Content Upgrades

Almost every single article mentioned on this page features a “content upgrade.” If this term is unfamiliar to you, content upgrades are additional pieces of content you create that adds information, resources, or guidance to your original content. They’re a fantastic way to build your email list!

This article features:

  • tips to help you think about what you could create as a content upgrade
  • guidance on the upgrade creation process (and how to keep it simple!)
  • a free Content Upgrade Idea Generator to help you map out what you create

8. Launching your offer: How to make online sales

Woman with paper airplane getting ready to launch

Read The 3 Stages of a Stress-Free First-Time Product Launch Plan

To give your brand-new service or product the best chance to sell, you need to throw it a party! In online business, that’s also known as a launch.

The article features:

  • tips to make launching simple and easy (and way less stressful)
  • guidance on the three basics stages of any launch and how to make the most of each
  • a free Product Launch Strategy Builder to help you create a plan you can follow for a successful launch

How to Succeed With Your Online Business: 17 Free Resources 11

Read How to Get Powerful Testimonials that Convince Even the Most Skeptical Prospects

Testimonials — those little quotes from happy customers — are a powerful way to convince skeptical prospects to take a chance on your offer.

The article features:

  • tips for gathering testimonials so you always have them on hand when create marketing materials
  • guidance on the kinds of questions to ask happy customers so you end up with a testimonial that reads like a story (and that’s a good thing!)
  • a free Testimonials Automator to help you gather and use testimonials from your best customers

9. Your mindset: The real key to success in business

Man shrugging shoulders

Read Is Your Mindset Keeping You From Reaching Your Dream?

Mindset is everything, don’t you think? It can make us or break us. Let’s get it working on our favor!

The article features:

  • a thought experiment that will help you get clear on your mindset
  • guidance on how to think BIG — to take your current goals and amplify them
  • a free Think BIG Mindset Tune-Up worksheet

Inspiring business quotes to keep you going!

Read Business Got You Down? 12 Inspiring Quotes to Make Your Spirit Soar

Once in a while, it’s a good idea to stop and drink in some inspiration to keep you going, don’t you think?

The article features:

  • 12 inspiring quotes from all sorts of creative, smart, achievers
  • a free downloadable doc, 12 Printable Bookmarks to Inspire Your Business Journey

This page is chock-full of goodies

Scroll through, click, and grab what you need to take your online business to new heights — and bookmark it so you can come back and find what you need later, too.

Click through for online business resources to help you launch, create your content marketing strategy, write your online business startup plan, manage your email marketing, create amazing visual content marketing — and more! #onlinebusiness #onlinemarketing #freeronlineesources

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