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Huddle Up for Marketing Image Training 101

Alright team, gather ’round.

Here’s the situation: our business competitors are out there using images in their marketing every day. We’re getting left behind!

We’ve got to get out there and learn, practice and work hard so we can use images with the best of them.

What’s that in the back? What do you mean “images don’t really matter?” Oh, yes they do!

Images help your prospects sort through the mountains of information they’re exposed to every day. They help them understand and resonate with your marketing messages.

Good visuals clarify your communication, and engage all sides of your readers’ brains. Of course they matter!

Wait, what’s that? “I’m not artistic, so I can’t use images?”

Ten laps around the track for you, followed by twenty push ups. Stat!

Seriously, anyone can learn to use images. It takes some training and some practice, but you can do it.

Why Images Matter More Than Ever

Much of our marketing happens on the web. And on the web, SEO — or search engine optimization — allows people to find your site.

Google sets the standards for SEO, and their ever-evolving protocols now include your social media engagement. In other words, they’re looking to see how much and how often people engage with your business on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

And guess what increases social media engagement by 44%, according to a study by ROI Research?


Simply using an image in your social media post boosts responses. And more responses on social media means Google ranks your website higher, so more people will find your business on the web.

What’s that you say? “I have no time?”

Don’t throw in the towel. It doesn’t have to take much time.

There’s a simple way to incorporate images in your marketing. You don’t have to create hundreds of them and sprinkle them all over. The idea is to be strategic about how you use them. You need to learn the basics, then practice until you’ve mastered them.

Want to know more about using images in your marketing?

Join me and Kelly Kingman for a Brown Bag Webinar:

Visual Buzz: 7 Easy Ways to Power Your Marketing with Images

(This webinar already happened, but sign up below and I’ll send a link to the replay.)

You’ve heard it (and so have we). Everyone is talking about using images to market your business. You know they’re powerful communication tools. But how do you get started using them?

In this fast-paced presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Why marketers need a visual content strategy (and what that looks like — it’s easier than you think)
  • How to use images for your business even if you don’t have a drop of “artist” in you
  • 7 simple recipes to start incorporating images right now. We’ve got “homework” for you, and it’s fun!

Learn to use images in your business in this completely free Brown Bag Webinar. There’s lots to cover, so this webinar may run longer than our typical 30-minute presentation.

Sign up here to access this and all other Brown Bag Webinars.

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is an online educator, author, keynote speaker, and the founder of BIG Brand System. Read reviews of the tools used to run this site and business.

Pamela Wilson

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