The 3 Reasons “Speaking Images” Will Transform Your Marketing


There’s a revolution in the making. Have you noticed?

We’re getting more information from images than ever before. We’re relying on infographics, video, and all sorts of marketing images for information, entertainment, and connection.

Does your business “speak” images yet? And before you tell me you’re “not artistic” and “can’t draw a straight line,” you should know that the kinds of images I’m talking about don’t require an art degree to create.

Images will transform your marketing if you let them. 

1. Images came before words

When our species began to communicate in writing, our first “language” was images. People drew their history, their hunts, and their harvests.

Images are still our most primal mode of communication. A great image touches us at our core, and speaks volumes without using a single word.

2. Images engage our brains

We have a powerful image center in our brains which processes visual information faster than verbal.

When you use images to communicate your marketing messages, your message travels along the express route in your prospect’s brain, and comprehension soars.

The part of your brain that’s involved in nonverbal processing — such as visual recognition — is also closely tied with emotion. Not only do images work faster, they can engage the emotions better than just words.

3. Images are easy to spread

Do you use social media?

If you do, you know that some of the most-shared content on social media platforms consists of images and videos. It’s visual content.

Why is that?

I believe it’s because images feel like a gift, not a burden. Sharing an image that is instantly recognized and evokes a response is easy. Sharing paragraphs of text — even when it’s moving and meaningful — feels like you’re asking your connections to work.

What this means for you as a small business marketer is that creating sharable images is a highly effective technique for getting the word out about your business.

You can create marketing images all by yourself

Creating effective marketing images doesn’t take a design degree or an artistic “gene.” There are a few basic recipes you can follow.

I’d love to share them with you. Because the subject is so … um … visual, I’m going to show you. Will you join me?

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Pam! Marketing on (and off) the web is so much about impactful images.

    I would add one more marketing tool for images: make them clickable link in the right context. Especially in a situation where you want the customer to take an action.

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