Avoid Wishy-Washy Design with Decisive Contrast

I used to love watching Sesame Street when I was younger. (True confession: I still like watching it if I’m sick in bed. It’s comfort television.)

Let’s Play a Game

Sesame Street had a few regular features that were great training for a graphic designer and small business marketer-to-be. My favorite was “One of These Things is Not Like the Other.”

In this feature, the screen was divided into four sections. In each section, an image would appear. All of the images would be part of a “group,” except one. Our job as viewers was to decide which image didn’t belong in the group. See if you can figure out this example:

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Become a Logo Design Connoisseur With These Five Tips

creating a brand for your business is easy when you're a logo design connoisseurYou need a logo design, and you need it now. You’ll either:

  • Work with a graphic designer to create it
  • Use one of the online logo design companies
  • Design it yourself

How will you know if the designs you consider are great, or if they just stink? What makes a logo successful anyway?

Here are five tips to help you discern whether you’re looking at a timeless work of art that will represent your business well for many years, or a weak excuse for a brand. Use them to help you pick the best image from the group you’re presented with or the designs you come up with yourself.

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Design Bloopers: Only the Shadow Knows

I can spot it a mile away, and after this post, I hope you can, too. It’s the mark of an amateur who is dabbling in design. What gives them away?

They lurk in the (drop) shadows.

Drop That Shadow, and Take Your Hands Off That Mouse!

Drop shadows are one of those graphic “tricks” that people are drawn to like moths to a light bulb. The downside of drop shadows is that they give type or objects a fuzzy edge, and they make text very hard to read. There are a few very limited times when drop shadows can be useful, however.

It’s much easier to show you, so watch this quick video:

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