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Get the BIG Vision Content Mapping Workshop for a limited time. Map out a full year of content marketing so you know WHAT to publish and WHEN to publish it! Offer expires February 15.

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There are more people online now than ever before. I’m on a mission to help you reach them! My free Content Profit Formula workshop teaches an easy-to-use formula and simple tips that will help you profit from today’s increased attention to online content.

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Master Content Marketing and Master Content Strategy, two books by author Pamela Wilson

The free Content Profit Formula workshop is presented by Pamela Wilson, author of Master Content Marketing and Master Content Strategy.

Register to get instant access to this pre-recorded training. Start learning how to use content marketing to increase revenue today!

What you’ll learn:

  • A seven-part content framework that will let you easily snap together content marketing that “just works” 
  • The simplest way to create high-quality content faster with one small change (some people call this the “lazy” way to create content!)
  • The two-part “PS method” for making more money from the content you create — all year long
  • How you can create consistent, revenue-boosting content marketing assets starting today

Register and watch the workshop now:

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People Are Talking About Pamela Wilson’s Content Marketing Training

"Pamela's gentle reassuring voice made me relax — not stress over the tasks! It's so helpful to have a plan that makes sense and has action steps to take and a system that covers all the pieces and parts."
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Becky Bayne
"This is the first content course that gave me real information I could apply immediately instead of hype and false promises.
Pamela is an excellent instructor. You really feel like she cares and wants everyone to succeed."
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Lane Lucas
"I wish I'd have known what is in this course when I first started a blog many years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy and made my writing more structured and easier to follow."
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Stephanie Philp