Tap Into Decades of Wisdom so You Can Build an Online Business You Love

Tap Into Decades of Wisdom so You Can Build an Online Business You Love​

Get Transformational Guidance, Support, and Community Inside the BIG League

Dear Reader,

How’s business? Are you happy with how things are growing for you month after month?

I’m Pamela Wilson, and I know that building an online business isn’t easy.

If it’s not the constant barrage of new information, it’s the ever-changing tools and tactics you “should” be using right now.

Even tougher is managing the thoughts inside your own head, right? (It’s OK — we all have those doubts.)

If you’ve ever heard yourself saying:

  • “I don’t know what to work on next”
  • “I’m not sure what my audience will want to buy”
  • “I don’t have a clue how to get the word out about my new venture”
  • “I’m terrified to publish/email/speak at this event …”

… it’s OK. It’s normal to worry about the unknown!

And online business building is a never-ending parade of unknowns, isn’t it?

But today, I’ve got great news for you.

You Don’t Have to Grow It Alone Anymore

Let's look at the facts ...

Online commerce is booming. According to US Census Bureau data, e-commerce sales growth has been on a steady, upward trajectory for the last ten years — and that growth continued despite one of the deepest economic recessions we’ve ever experienced in the United States.

Every year, there are more people than ever building online businesses they love — businesses that build revenue, increase their reach, and get their expertise out into the world.

With the tools available right now, it’s never been easier.

And yet, even though you may have started building an online business, you may feel like you’re doing it while sitting in solitary confinement!

No one to share your victories and your frustrations with. Nowhere to get your questions answered. No one to confirm that you’re working on the exact right thing right now.


But what if you’re not stuck with your current reality?

Imagine how it will feel to finally know which path to take right now … starting from wherever you are today.

Imagine having the training and resources you need together in one place — in addition to a way to get on-the-spot answers about how you’ll apply what you’re learning to your own, unique situation?

Imagine being connected to others who are on the same journey as you … all committed to building their own version of an online business that works for them?

This is the why I created the BIG League — a place to get transformational guidance, support, and access to a community of online business builders just like you.

Pamela Wilson here, and right behind me is the city of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Living here inspired me to create an online space that delivers some of the same benefits of this city.

You see, Nashville is a place where people come to pursue their dreams. Not just musical dreams — entrepreneurial dreams, too.

They forge ahead into unknown territory — and they choose to do that here because they know they’re going to be surrounded by people who are dreaming similar dreams.

In this place, they find the support, network, and community they need to shape and build what they’re dreaming about. 

The BIG League member program delivers this kind of business-building support to you virtually. And you’ll get access to it all when you join today.

Whether It’s Revenue or Reach, the BIG League Supports Your BIG Goals

Everyone has a reason for wanting to build an online business. I call it your “BIG” motivator.

Your BIG motivator might be revenue generation. It might be reach. It might be a legacy you want to leave. Whatever it is, you feel called to create an online presence that will help you achieve your BIG goals. 

And even though our reasons for wanting to create an online presence are different, our stumbling blocks? They’re so similar …

  • LACK of FOCUS: Not knowing where to focus your efforts right now means you waste time working on the wrong things at the wrong time.
  • CONFUSING TECHNOLOGY: Technology changes at a fast pace online — today’s best practices are tomorrow’s has-been solutions.
  • TOO EXPENSIVE: On the surface it’s less expensive to start an online business than to open a brick-and-mortar location. But when you factor in $2000 online courses and the time you lose trying to fit all the moving parts together — it gets very expensive very quickly.

Learn from an Un-Guru


I’ve been called “pragmatic” and “no-nonsense.” But my favorite compliment came from a coaching client who said she liked working with me because I’m an “un-guru.”

I’ll help you build an online business you’ll love, step-by-step. You’ve got this!

You’re about to get access to my 30+ years of business experience. I’m a keynote speaker; a two-time author; a business coach; a mastermind group leader; and an online educator. I’m the former EVP of Educational Content for Copyblogger — Rainmaker Digital. I took the skills I built in the offline business world, learned some new ones, and built an online business that continues to grow, year after year.

Here’s what’s most important, though: 

In the BIG League, you get direct access to me! I will use all my experience to help you build an online business you’ll love, step-by-step.

I like to call the BIG League the common-sense corner of the internet. 

When we work together, I’ll help you take the right action at the right time — and stay focused so you reach your goals faster.


BIG League Membership Includes

  • Monthly online live coaching with me, Pamela Wilson, on our BIG League Team Huddles. I’ll be there for you live once a month to check out your latest project, provide feedback, and help you manage whatever challenge you’re working through right now. All sessions are recorded so you can watch (and re-watch) them whenever you want.
  • A growing library of Training Shorts: step-by-step lessons that show you how to manage everyday tasks in your online business, like formatting a page for readability or mapping out a piece of content.
  • Full access to the BIG League Members-only Forum. You’ll get 24/7 access to a safe, confidential, and supportive space. It's a judgement-free zone with decades of collective business experience just waiting for you to tap into it. Ask questions, share ideas, celebrate your BIG wins, and more.
  • A full library of Brown Bag Workshop PRO courses, which dive deep into skills and strategies to grow your online business no matter what stage you’re in. Each mini-course comes with a video, audio, full transcript, checklist, additional resources, and a quiz you can use to check your understanding. You’ll get access to a new presentation every month!
  • The exclusive monthly audio Ideacast, where you’ll get a dose of inspiration and thought-provoking ideas to fuel your business-building journey. Listen and learn on the go.

Get BIG League Training on Business-Building Topics That Will Help You ...

  • Make content creation fast and easy
  • Increase revenues with upsells and downsells
  • Get control of your website content (and get it launched if it isn’t!)
  • Write and send emails that grow your business
  • Create better images for your website and social media content
  • Get more done in less time with pro-level productivity tips 
  • Increase revenues and results with conversion-boosting techniques
  • Polish up your website homepage appearance and offers
  • Find your best content and leverage it in your business

BIG League education and training is delivered via video, audio, downloadable worksheets, transcripts, quizzes, and more. Now you can read, listen, watch — or simply talk about what you’re learning with people who are on the same journey you’re taking right now.

Enjoy always-available online education so you can learn from your computer, your tablet, or your phone at any hour of the day or night.

Save Time

We’ll focus on what needs to happen for the stage you're in right now. With BIG League Training Shorts, Game Plan Checklists, and Brown Bag Workshop PRO content, you’ll make progress fast.

The result? You’ll reach your online goals in record time and be fully supported in your journey.

Get Support

Never get stuck with unanswered questions again: the BIG League Monthly Huddle and our private members forum put decades of business-building experience at your fingertips.

Ask questions, share wins, and get inspired — all in one private, uncluttered space.

Take BIG Action

Obstacles and frustrations are a fact of life in the business world. The BIG League Ideacast is your private, members-only audio recording that will fuel your journey every month.

Download and listen, learn, and build your business while you live your life.

Ready? The BIG League is for you ...

  • If you're just starting out or are ready to take the next BIG step in your business
  • If you want to connect with other enthusiastic online entrepreneurs
  • If you're ready to make REAL progress in your online business
  • If you're motivated and passionate — but sometimes get stuck and need help
  • If you want to tap into decades of online business experience so you can grow


If you’re …

Planning an online business — but aren’t sure what to call it; who your ideal customer is; what you should offer; or how you’ll stand out — the BIG League is for you.

And if you’re …

Building your website and initial offers but need help figuring out pricing; positioning your offer; pinpointing the best opt-in incentive to create; or just getting guidance when it’s time to launch — the BIG League is for you.

And if you’re …

Implementing your offers and growing your audience, but need help refining your sales funnel; getting better conversion rates overall; figuring out how to coordinate all the moving parts for your next big promotion — the BIG League is for you. 

If you’re looking for instant results and want to find the magic button that makes your computer spit out money … please move along. That’s not what the BIG League is about!

A piece of advice before you go?

Anyone who offers “instant results” or “six figures in a month on your first launch” is trying to get you to buy what they’re selling. Yes, lightning does strike once in a while — but I wouldn’t bank on it.

The BIG League is about doing the right things, in the right order, step-by-step. It’s about working smart and growing in a way that’s sustainable and (dare I say?), fun. It’s about building a real business in the real world — not the fantasyland stuff you’ll find elsewhere!

Nope! Sorry … there are so many courses about these topics and so many people who could help you on a project basis.

In the BIG League, we’re in it for the long haul … not just for the one-time project.

For example, I will be happy to …

  • Take a look at your website and provide feedback during our monthly Team Huddles
  • Respond to a forum post about your branding ideas (bonus: you won’t just hear from me — you’ll get input from the whole team)
  • Give you feedback on your latest project or promotion idea and suggest ways to make it work even better

You’ll build your business yourself — but you’ll have guidance, support, and encouragement while you put it all together.

Hobbies are great! But the BIG League is for serious business owners who are willing to do the work needed to create an online business they’ll love — not just now, but long into the future.

It’s not easy but it’s doable — when you have the support, the resources, and the encouragement you need.

That’s what the BIG League will offer you when you’re ready for it.

If you are an advanced online business owner with loads of experience, the BIG League won’t be a good fit for you. It’s designed to help people get to where you are right now!

Instead, contact me and let’s talk about my Momentum Mastermind group: you might be a great fit for that program.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
CANCEL ANY TIME with 1 click

Cancel your membership at any time with a single click.

The great news? If you stay subscribed, your membership cost will never go up — your current low price will be locked in!

BIG Brand System offers a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back-guarantee — plenty of time to enjoy the BIG League and decide if it’s right for you.

Choose Your BIG League Plan


Monthly Membership
$ 60


  • Monthly Live BIG League Huddles
  • Training Shorts Tutorials
  • Members-only Private Forum
  • Brown Bag Workshop PRO Courses
  • Monthly Ideacast Audio Download


Annual Membership
$ 600


  • Monthly Live BIG League Huddles​
  • Training Shorts Tutorials​
  • Members-only Private Forum
  • Brown Bag Workshop PRO Courses
  • Monthly Ideacast Audio Download

Want to work privately instead? My 1-on-1 coaching packages start at $750/month (and go up from there).