Momentum Programs with Pamela Wilson

Build an Online Business You Love with Personal Guidance, Accountability, and Support

Dear Reader,

You’re ready to finally build the online business you’ve hoped for. But you’re feeling frustrated because it’s just not happening, despite your best efforts.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You already know a lot. You read blog posts, download checklists, attend webinars, and listen to podcasts. But it has been impossible to successfully translate all that smart advice to your own business goals.
  • You’re working hard. But unfortunately, you’re not seeing the results you want. You’re not even sure if you’re working on the right things!
  • You’re feeling pretty frustrated. You’re afraid you’ll burn out before you can make your online business work.

If this is you, I hear you — and I know how you feel. 

Before I figured out how to make my online business work for me, I spent many months working way too hard — and didn’t have much to show for my efforts.

Today, I’ve taken what I learned and helped dozens of close-to-burnout business owners get complete clarity and make massive progress in their businesses.

Make Progress Faster

I’m Pamela Wilson of BIG Brand System. I’m an online educator, business coach, keynote speaker, and three-time author.

When I founded my online business in 2010, I entered a world that was exciting — but also unfamiliar. And confusing!

Over the years, I mastered how to put the pieces of a successful online business together so you can build a business you love — a business you love owning, running, and growing.

I work with business owners directly in my three Momentum Programs. Learn more about them below.

Get Momentum — Now

People in my premium Momentum Programs are committed to making progress FAST — and they’re will to invest time and energy into making it happen.

Does that sound like you? If so, read on …

The three Momentum Programs are listed below.

Click the button of the program you want to know more about, then fill out the quick application to qualify for a FREE Momentum Strategy call with me. 

On the call, you’ll share your goals with me. I’ll share some guidance for you. And we’ll chat about whether one of my Momentum Programs is a good fit for you right now.


Monthly 1-on-1 coaching with Pamela Wilson. Ideal for you if you're starting out and want guidance or if you want to move your business to the next level. Monthly video meetings plus weekly email accountability with ongoing guidance. Includes training in BIG League community. Six-month program.

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In-Person Momentum VIP Day

One full day of intensive focus on your business which takes place in beautiful Nashville, TN. Includes kick-off dinner, hotel, and one month of follow up guidance and accountability with Pamela Wilson.

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Momentum Mastermind

1-on-1 coaching with Pamela Wilson each month, plus twelve monthly mastermind meetings with your private “board of directors” mastermind group. You’ll start your year with a virtual planning session and will attend a live retreat in Nashville, TN. Includes membership in the BIG League. Twelve-month program.

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“Pamela’s coaching is nothing short of miraculous. She asked excellent clarifying questions about the goals for my business — and then coached me through them one by one.”
A woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera
Lee Miller
“I needed continual focus in order to build my business in the most profitable direction. Pamela has provided the wise input I’ve needed to stay on track.”
A man wearing glasses and smiling at the camera, Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff
“I knew it was possible; Pamela showed me how. When you’re ready to make money, you need someone to help you apply information to your own business.”
A woman smiling for the camera, Jan Golden
Jan Golden