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Dear Reader,

If you’ve been working hard to make real progress with your online business — but not seeing the results you want, you may wonder what you’re doing “wrong.”

Truth is, you may be doing nothing wrong. But you may need help seeing your business from an outside perspective. You may not recognize its potential or have a clear vision of how to make it what it could be.

If this sounds like you, a Momentum VIP Day may be just what you need.

Read on to learn more about how they work and what you can expect. 

BIG Progress in a Single Day​

I’m Pamela Wilson of BIG Brand System. I’m an online educator, business coach, keynote speaker, and three-time author. 

In 2018, I began to offer Momentum VIP Days. VIP Days are intensive, 1-day sessions where you and I work on your business for a full day. 

VIP Days have been nothing short of transformational for the business owners who’ve participated. 

Check Out these Momentum VIP Day Results

  • A VIP developed a universal framework for his expertise that informed the first book he wrote, new workshops he developed, and a whole new line of business (and income).
  • A VIP got a firm grasp on her new product and launch plans so she could move forward and lead her team with confidence.
  • A VIP got a crystal-clear view of the unique value she offers so she can communicate it through her new website, opt-in incentive, and product offerings.

Can you really change the course of your business in a single day? Yes!

This Might Be the Most Productive Day of Your Life

Momentum VIP Days are one full day of intensive focus on your business which takes place in beautiful Nashville, TN.

VIP Days include a kick-off dinner, your hotel stay, and one month of follow up guidance and accountability with Pamela Wilson.

If you’re an online business owner whose business isn’t yet everything it could be, the Momentum VIP Day is designed to kickstart your progress in a single day.

The Momentum VIP Day is $9500. This includes:

  • Your stay at the stunning Opryland Hotel
  • Our private kick-off dinner the night before our VIP Day
  • A full day of high-level work on your business
  • One month of follow up guidance

The first step is to fill out the brief Momentum application. Once I receive it, I’ll reach out to schedule a FREE Momentum Strategy call.

Momentum VIP Days are limited! Apply today.