Personal Brand or Business Brand — Which is Better?

Personal brand or business brand — how should you show up online?

It can be a tricky choice to make.

In this YouTube video, you’ll learn what each of these kinds of brands means, and how they differ from each other. 

We’ll also talk about the pros and cons, so you can choose between a personal brand or business brand with confidence.

Plus I’ll share the ONE question so you can decide what kind of brand identity you want to build.

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Personal brand or business brand — what’s in a name?

A personal brand is built around you — your personality, your lifestyle, and your interests.

It usually means you brand your business with your own name. There are positives and negatives in choosing a personal brand.

What are the pros of a personal brand? 

It’s easier than ever to build a personal brand, especially with the tools we have available to us online. 

A personal brand can evolve as you and your interests evolve, so it’s super flexible. If you’re a “one-person show,” a personal brand might be perfect for you, except …

What are the cons of a personal brand?

Using your personal name as a business name won’t tell prospective customers what kind of business you’re in — you’ll have to associate your name with what you do. 

When I coach people in my Offer Accelerator program who have personal brands, we really focus on their tag lines.

A great tag line helps people get to know your business.

Creating a tag line can be a struggle, but there are methods you can use to make that process faster and easier.

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Personal brand or business brand — build a professional identity

Personal Brand or Business Brand - Build an Identity

A business brand is built around an identity you create for your business.

It usually means you need to craft a name for your business that’s independent of your personal name.

You can still create a tag line for your business brand — lots of businesses do!

What are the pros of a business brand?

Business brands take more upfront work to create, because rather than use the name you were born with, you need to create a name from thin air.

But this forces you to think through your plans and allows you to position your business from the very beginning.

Positioning helps you figure out exactly who you want to work with — and who you don’t. Getting that straight from the start will help you with your online marketing.

What are the cons of a business brand? 

Coming up with a business name, especially if you’re still deciding what you want to offer, can be tough. If your focus changes, your business name might not work anymore.

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When considering a business name, try to pick something that has a bit of flexibility while still being clear about the kind of work you do.

This is where a tag line can come in handy. Tag lines can evolve without undermining all the brand recognition you’ve worked so hard to establish.

By the way — I just recently changed my YouTube channel name for this very reason — I coach people to build profitable online businesses, so my old name, BIG Brand System, wasn’t working anymore!

I had to go through the process of “personal brand or business brand” for my own online business.

A business name change means a lot of work. If you have a website that’s been working for you, with lots of valuable content, you don’t want to lose your authority with search engines.

You’ll have to be careful when you change your domain name.

And you may have to go through hundreds of blog posts to make sure the old business brand identity is changed in your existing content, so visitors to your website don’t get confused.

It’s doable, but it’s also something that takes a lot of planning.

Personal brand or business brand — the one question you should ask

So you’ve thought about the pros and cons. You’re closing in on your choice — personal brand or business brand?

Now here’s the ONE question you can ask to choose the best one for you.

The one question is …

Do you think you’ll sell your business someday?

If the answer is yes, then a business brand might work better. 

You can develop brand equity for this business and then put it on the market — and if you’re no longer involved in the business, the brand itself will still be valuable.

If the answer is no — if you don’t aspire to sell your business, then a personal brand might be just what you need.

Just remember to create that tag line so people can tell immediately what you do. 

Branding is just one part of building an online business. 

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