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You’re Ready for the BIG League, and It’s Ready for You

It’s time for the BIG League.

We talked about Why Some People Triumph Online and Others Never Make It.

And we covered How to Adopt an Online Leader Success Mindset.

Are you ready for the next step?

In this post, I’m going to share everything you need to know about my new community, the BIG League, and how it can help you grow an online business you love — with support, guidance, and encouragement for the journey.

But first, let me ask you something important.

Are you where you want to be?

How’s business right now? Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished so far?

Building an online business isn’t easy. It’s hard to know what to tackle first. The to-do list seems enormous and the technical challenges immense.

But even worse? The negative thoughts and doubts that creep in.

If you’ve ever heard yourself saying, “I don’t know if I’m cut out for this,” it’s OK. It’s normal!

In the early days of building a business online, there’s so much to learn. It’s hard to understand how all the moving parts work together.

Plus, you’re constantly bombarded with bright, shiny new content, courses, and software that promises to be …

“The Ultimate Solution to All Your Problems.”

(Sorry … that doesn’t actually exist. Believe me, I’ve checked!)

All that being said, I’ve got good news. You can change your current situation. You are in complete control of HOW and WHY you build your online business.

  • You can work on it one stage at a time using my Plan & Grow BIG approach, which immediately eliminates your need to consume 75% of the content, courses, and software solutions out there.
  • You can build a business that is unique to you and your own BIG motivation — whether that’s revenue, reach, impact … or something else.
  • You can build a business at a pace that works for you. Some people build an online presence as a side gig while they work a full-time job. Others go all in and build it full time.

You get to build your online business on your own terms — and the process doesn’t need to feel overwhelming and frustrating.

Let’s look at the facts …

  • The potential online is immense. In 2008 the US Census showed online commerce represented 3.5% of all retail sales. As of the 3rd quarter of 2017, it’s a full 9%. It has moved up steadily year after year — even through severe recessions.
  • The tools are better than ever. Back in 2008, online business builders were doing business using very primitive tools compared to what we have now.
  • Online commerce is the new economic order. People used to be suspicious of ordering things online. Not anymore. We do everything online now, from ordering laundry soap and groceries to looking for romantic relationships.

That’s not to say it’s easy. It’s just never been easier than it is right now.

That’s why …

Today is a great time to step up to the BIG League and commit to your online business

Imagine finally owning a business that gives you the freedom to work when and where you want.

Imagine a business that honors your BIG motivations to build income or impact — or both.

Imagine being able to move someone from not knowing about your business to becoming a true fan and advocate.

And finally … imagine being connected to others who are on the same journey as you, all committed to building their own successful online businesses on their own terms.

This is the opportunity we have today as online business owners. To step into a leadership role where we attract the people we truly want to serve and build businesses that have meaning for us.

This is why I built the BIG League community.

The BIG League is a place where you can get the support, guidance, and encouragement you need to build an online business you love.

If you …

  • Want to share your expertise with the world but aren’t sure where to start
  • Feel a deep desire to build a business that makes a difference but don’t know what it’s going to take
  • Want to build income — but aren’t sure how to make that happen

… the BIG League can help.

What exactly is the BIG League?

The BIG League is the best online community for you if you are planning, building, or working hard to implement your online business dreams.

Inside the BIG League you’ll find online support, guidance, training, and encouragement to help you through the ups and downs of building your online presence.

You’l tap into decades of experience — you won’t be working alone anymore!

When you join the BIG League, you’ll get immediate access to the core curriculum.

This core content helps you:

  • Pinpoint your current business stage
  • Know exactly what to focus on as you build your business in the near future
  • Strategize what you’ll work on next

The core content is always available to you so you can revisit it at every stage of your business building journey!

If you’re …

Planning an online business — but aren’t sure what to call it; who your ideal customer is; what you should offer; or how you’ll stand out — the BIG League is for you.

And if you’re …

Building your website and initial offers but need help figuring out pricing; positioning your offer; pinpointing the best opt-in incentive to create; or just getting guidance when it’s time to launch — the BIG League is for you.

And if you’re …

Implementing your offers and growing your audience, but need help refining your sales funnel; getting better conversion rates overall; figuring out how to coordinate all the moving parts for your next big promotion — the BIG League is for you.

But if you’re …

Looking for instant results and want to find the magic button that makes your computer spit out money … please move along. That’s not what the BIG League is about!

A piece of advice before you go?

Anyone who offers “instant results” or “six figures in a month on your first launch” is trying to get you to buy what they’re selling. Yes, lightning does strike once in a while — but I wouldn’t bank on it.

Ready for a real-world pragmatic approach?

The BIG League is about doing the right things, in the right order, step-by-step. It’s about working smart and growing in a way that’s sustainable and (dare I say?), fun.

It’s about building a real business in the real world — not the fantasyland stuff you’ll find elsewhere!

The BIG League is for people who are committed to building an online business on their own terms.

If the commitment isn’t there, then this is not the right program for you and I ask that you please do not sign up.

My goal is to only work with people who want to invest the time and energy needed to build a real business — not pursue “instant wealth.”

Learn more when you download my free Online Business Success Roadmap

How does the BIG League work?

All video training, transcripts, audio downloads, worksheets, quizzes and other instruction is provided in a members-only website.

You’ll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Lessons are delivered in a wide variety of formats so you can watch, listen on the go, or print out and take notes on what you’re learning.

You also get full access to the BIG League Members-only forum.

That means 24/7 access to a safe, confidential, and supportive space.

It’s a judgement-free zone with decades of collective business experience just waiting for you to tap into it. You can ask questions, share ideas, celebrate your BIG wins, and more.

What’s the time investment?

Time is the most valuable resource we have and the people I help are legitimately busy — for a wide variety of very good reasons.

So I can understand why you might wonder if you have time to fully participate in the BIG League and get everything you can from it.

The good news is that once you join, the course material is available to you 24/7. So you’re able to learn when it’s most convenient for you.

That means if something comes up and you miss a few days or even a couple of weeks, it’s not a problem. You just pick up where you left off.

As far as the actual time it will take you to participate, that really depends on you and how you use the program.

Each month, a new Ideacast and a new Training Short will be added to the site. There will be a 60-90 minute live Team Huddle, where you can ask questions and get on-the-spot coaching. And a new Brown Bag Workshop PRO mini course will be added to the reference library.

You can dip in to any of this content as needed. And you can stop by the private BIG League forum at any time to ask advice, share a quick win, or hang out with fellow team members.

The key to success is to intentionally schedule time on your calendar to dedicate to growing your online presence with the BIG League.

Risk-free guarantee

Speaking of being intentional, I’ve intentionally included a 100% money back guarantee.

I’m investing my own time and energy in the BIG League and I know it will work for you. But I also realize that you won’t know for sure until you test drive it.

That’s why I invite you to test drive the BIG League 100% risk free.

If you review it and you don’t feel like I delivered on my promise, ask for a refund within the first thirty days and I’ll give you your money back.

What’s the cost?

I offer a month-by-month payment option or an annual plan, which gives you 12 months of access for the price of 10.

As you consider joining the program, think about this:

  • Most courses that teach you to build an online business range from $997 to $2000 and don’t offer ongoing support.
  • Getting private business coaching from me currently starts at $750/month and goes up from there.

I am going to walk with you, step-by-step, as you build your online business. If you follow what I’m going to show you, you will make progress — that’s why I guarantee it.

Learn more when you download my free Online Business Success Roadmap

As you decide, just know this…

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed with everything involved in planning, building, and growing your online business
  • If you are struggling to put all the moving parts together
  • If you’ve tried for months (or years!) to build a business online and don’t have much to show for it

It’s OK. It’s normal!

The challenging part for most of us is that we try to learn and apply everything all at once. And we try to manage it all in addition to all the other responsibilities we have in our lives.

Ask yourself this …

  • What is important to you right now?
  • What do you want to achieve in the months ahead?
  • What online business goals do you keep pushing to the back burner?

You have an opportunity to do something about that right now. Today.

You have a chance to step up and join the BIG League.

The BIG League is a community that can help you finally build a successful online business — without feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or completely alone on the journey.

Learn more when you download my free Online Business Success Roadmap

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson is an online educator, author, keynote speaker, and the founder of BIG Brand System. Read reviews of the tools used to run this site and business.

Pamela Wilson

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