How to Adopt an Online Leader Success Mindset

Your “success mindset” matters. Here’s why:

There’s a strange disconnect in the online business world.

Online business owners tend to be introverts.

I mean, really … it’s the perfect job for an introvert!

You can do your work all by yourself without needing to interact with a single person in real life. Your computer screen provides comfort and cover from the world outside your doors.

And despite the fact that you’re working alone, your business can flourish.

But here’s the disconnect …

To really grow an online business, you have to be willing to step into the limelight and claim your authority.

You have to be willing to be a leader.

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Man about to start a race (or start an online business!)

How to Write a Winning Online Business Startup Plan in Under 20 Minutes

“There’s so much to do. Where do I start?”

Whether you’re running a race or starting an online business, the first step is always daunting.

You look ahead and see nothing but the work that needs to be done, and the progress you’ll have to make.

You can’t see the finish line at all. You might not even see the starting block.

This post is about the starting block exclusively.

If you get your online business off to the right start, the whole race will be easier, and you’ll increase your chances of winning it.Click To Tweet

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Discover how to start an online business with the Plan & Grow BIG approach — it will help you conquer the #1 challenge online business owners face!

How to Start an Online Business and Conquer its #1 Challenge

Wondering how to start an online business that gives you the income, freedom, and recognition you want?

But …

  • Maybe you aren’t sure where to begin
  • Possibly you’re confused about how it all works
  • Perhaps you’re feeling a little overwhelmed

(To say the least, right?)

Here are the 4 stages you’ll go through as you start your online business

Step 1: Plan. Pinpoint your ideal customer; get your branding in place, and map out your first online offer. Here’s how to write a winning online business startup plan.

Step 2: Build. Set up your website; create your first offer, and put together an initial funnel.

Step 3: Implement. Make your offers live; grow your email list; discover which launch techniques work best for your audience.

Step 4: Grow. Work to improve your conversion rates and add more revenue streams. You’ll move through steps 1-4 as you develop each new line of business.

Sounds pretty simple, right? However …

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How to Get Powerful Testimonials that Convince Even the Most Skeptical Prospects

There’s nothing like the feeling when you get testimonials from real-life customers.

You can use these powerful snippets to convince even your most skeptical prospects to do business with you for the first time.

Testimonials show prospects how real people have used your product or service to get real results.

Testimonials break down your prospect’s defenses because they’re easy to believe, especially compared to regular marketing copy.

Testimonials come from a customer — someone who is just like the person who’s reading your page.

But …

  • How can you ask for testimonials?
  • How should you ask for them so you get testimonials that work?
  • How should you format your testimonials?

This post will answer these questions one by one, and I’ll use testimonials I’ve gathered as examples.

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How to boost conversions with your online offer

4 Simple Ways to Boost Conversions — and Trust — in Your Online Offer

Maybe if we could all meet face-to-face and shake hands when we made a sale, conversions in your online offer would soar.

But as it stands — and until virtual reality gets a whole lot better — our online businesses must build trust virtually if we want to boost conversions and sell more of our products and services.

Fortunately, there are proven techniques. And they aren’t especially difficult to implement.

But there is one important rule to remember as you learn these techniques:

It’s crucial to use all four techniques any time you make an offer online.

There’s strength in numbers!

And using every one of these methods on your sales pages creates a “trust sandwich” with layer upon layer of reasons that help your prospects feel secure handing over a credit card number.

Ready to discover the four simple techniques you can use to build trust and boost conversions in your online offers?

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How to Make an Irresistible Online Offer

You have this thing you’re really proud of — and you want to sell it online.

It might be:

But there’s a tiny problem …

You can’t see your prospects. You can’t talk to your prospects.

You can only reach them through a screen.

Plus, it’s possible you’ve never offered anything for sale online before, so the whole exercise feels new and strange.

Or maybe you have made online offers, but the results were — shall we say anemic?

(Let’s stick with that so we can keep the language clean around here.)

The rules are different online

Irresistible online offers utilize the same set of elements. You’ve seen them. You may have taken action because of them!

And once you know what they are, you can use them to create your own offer that cannot be refused.

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