Free Stock Photos: My Favorite Resources Today

On a world wide web full of words, images cut through the noise and get to the point. And free stock photos? Well … they’re a great place to start looking for images.

A well-chosen image will enhance what your words say, and add meaning to your communication. If you’re smart, you’ll use diverse stock photos that attract all of humanity to your business.

The good news is that finding great stock photos — even free stock photos — is easier than ever.

There are dozens of websites that offer free stock images. Their business models vary:

  • Some are supported by advertising
  • Some are supported by user donations
  • Some serve as portfolios for a photographer’s work

The free stock photo image resources here — as of this writing — allow you to use their images for free, even for a commercial website.

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How to Draw Attention with Images: No Artistic Skill Required

What if I told you that getting attention with images is as simple as adding one image to your web page? And that this alone could increase the time and attention people pay to your marketing?

You’re already spending time writing your web pages, brochures and emails. Why spend time on images?

They’re important because:

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How to fix social media images

How to Fix Social Media Images That Aren’t Doing Their Job

It crushes me.

Each time I see an image on social media that does NOTHING — zip, zilch, nada — for a brand’s image, sales, or traffic, the conversion-loving copywriter in me is crushed.

If you’re an online business owner who uses images in any shape or form, recognize that those images have a “job” to do — a purpose to fulfill.

That job is to establish your presence, increase brand recognition and yes, propel your audience to take action.

If your images aren’t doing all of these jobs, chances are your marketing wouldn’t have the impact it should have and you’ll be shedding some very expensive tears at the end of the year, too.

If your social media images haven’t been delivering and aren’t giving you the return that they totally can, do not despair.

Help’s at hand in the form of this post, peppered with real-world examples of social media images that are crushing it with their calls-to-action and on-point branding.

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How to Create a Simple Yet Powerful Social Media Strategy that Skyrockets Sales and Increases Traffic

How to Create a Simple Yet Powerful Social Media Strategy that Skyrockets Sales and Increases Traffic

Do you look at your Facebook page’s plummeting reach and wonder if you should move to another network?

Have you been struggling with justifying the humongous amount of time you spend on social media with the minuscule returns you’ve been seeing?

Maybe you’re just frustrated with how you need to keep flinging things at it in the hope that something may just stick?

I hear you.

You aren’t the only one in this seriously shaky social media boat.

Nearly everyone who approaches us for social media services expresses frustration, overwhelm, and even, disappointment with it.

And you know what the single-step solution to all of this is?

3 little words.

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Time saving Pinterest marketing tips

5 Time-Saving Tips for Pinterest Marketing

This week — for the first time ever — I’m pleased to feature the amazing Beth Hayden on Big Brand System. You may remember Beth from an interview we did about Pinterest a few months ago. That information was so popular that I asked if she’d share more of her Pinterest expertise in a guest post.

Let’s make her feel welcome in the comment section: ask any Pinterest question you may have, and Beth will be happy to answer. –Pamela


The visual bookmarking site Pinterest can be a useful instrument in any marketer’s toolbox. Right now, Pinterest drives more traffic to websites and blogs than Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. So if you’re not already using this fun and engaging site, you might want to consider adding it your marketing routine.

But how do you use Pinterest (and get the full benefits from it) without it taking up all your time? How do you become a popular pinner without spending all day on Pinterest?

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Create a New Twitter Header in 3 Easy Steps

My friend Kelly Kingman joins us this week to talk about the changes up ahead on Twitter. Discover how to adapt your Twitter header and profile images to take advantage of the new format. Questions? Ask away in the comments! – Pamela Wilson

Twitter is rolling out its biggest-ever redesign this month, and the new look will remind you a lot of the shift that Facebook went through a couple years ago with their cover photos.

But it’s not just about bigger photos — a couple of these changes might transform the way you think about the content you post to social media.

Right now, this new design for your profile is opt-in, but by May 28th, 2014, all profiles will be switched over to the new look. Below, we’ll hit the highlights of what’s new as well as give you a super-fast way to give your Twitter profile page a fresh makeover.

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