Free Teleclass: How to Use the 1-2 Punch of Marketing and Design to Build a Brand that Sells

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brand building with the marketing and design 1-2 punchIf you own a small business, then your time is limited. Your energy is, too! There’s only so much to go around.

And if you’re doing your own marketing work, you need to know what will get results, or you end up spinning your wheels and wasting precious time and energy.

Even if you’re not crafting your own marketing materials, you’re supervising the process. And you can’t waste time on activities that don’t bring customers to your business.

Members of the Big Brand System:

  • make your brand open doors by becoming a Big Brand System memberMaster marketing strategy and design basics so you can present a professional, cohesive brand that reflects your business and all it offers.
  • Turn knowledge into action steps with worksheets that convert what you’re learning into strategies you can apply to your own business. Lessons are released every Thursday, with occasional bonus lessons on Mondays. Read them on screen, print a PDF, or listen to a recording.
  • Find support in the online forum, where other small business owners are working through the same material, side-by-side with you. Get your questions answered, and – most importantly – receive feedback on your ideas.
  • Get access to professionally-designed templates for items such as flyers, stationery, website headers, presentation backgrounds and much more. All coordinated to work together, and customizable for your business.
  • Enjoy an exclusive, information-packed member newsletter.
  • Listen to our monthly Q&A calls. One member gets their marketing materials reviewed, and you get your questions answered live. Recordings are made available the same day.

The Art of Creating Your Big Brand

make your brand renovations with the Big Brand System membership communityYou know what I love?

I love watching people transform their businesses by mastering their marketing strategy.

I love seeing people who don’t consider themselves creative learn to make sophisticated design choices that help their materials look more professional and trustworthy.

I love seeing people realize marketing isn’t overwhelming anymore, and it’s not as hard and they used to think.

I love watching people become empowered, and feel in control — and see results.

It’s inspiring, and it’s what motivates me to keep writing and sharing what I know.

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Get More Customers by Putting Out a Candy Dish

If you’ve ever worked in an office environment, you know there’s one shortcut to becoming popular among your colleagues.

Position a candy dish on the corner of your desk, and keep it filled with goodies. It’s a great way to guarantee you’ll get chatted up by all sorts of people who otherwise might not have stopped by to say hello.

creating a brand with successful content marketing is like putting out a candy dish

Content Marketing is Like a Candy

No matter what your business sells, there’s a way to create marketing materials that are useful for the target market you want to reach. This is what content marketing is all about: packaging information your market will find valuable, then offering it to them as a way to market your business.

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