My Theme Song: Why I’m Singing the Praises of Prose

make your brand sing with the right theme for your websiteDoes the Big Brand System blog look different today?

This past weekend, I made a change to the Prose theme from Studio Press, the creators of Genesis themes. [NOTE: while I enjoyed using Prose, it’s no longer what I’m using.]

There are lots of reasons to love Prose — it’s a theme that’s designed for people just like me, who want to be able to control the look of their sites, and who aren’t comfortable getting under the hood and tinkering with code.

Studio Press specializes in plug-and-play themes that look great right out of the box. The Prose theme was created for people who like to think outside the box and create a site that’s 100% unique to them. Does that sound like you? Read on.

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Is the Year Half Empty, or Half Full?

brand strategy involves a mid-year reviewIt’s the end of June, and we’re halfway through the calendar year. Remember those days back in January when the months stretched out before you, and your calendar had almost nothing on it?

I don’t know about you, but my calendar is pretty full now. Is all the activity getting your business where you want it to go? Does your marketing plan need a course correction?

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