Google+? Grandma Mary Dishes on the New Kid in Town

Google+ is the newest social media phenomenon, and I brought Grandma Mary — our favorite funny social media expert — in for a video interview. I wanted to get her take on it. Click play below to see what she thinks: she doesn’t hold back!

Here’s what we covered:

  • What “personalities” each social network has, and the best way to use each one
  • Whether or not you should try to migrate the friends and followers you have on Facebook over to Google+
  • How to share your information on Google+: when to make it public, and when to limit it to your circles
  • What to do when someone adds you to a circle, and you have no idea who they are
  • What Grandma really thinks about Google+. Is it the new face of the web? She spills the beans in this exclusive video!

Find more of Grandma Mary’s social media tips here.

Tell me what you think about Google+ in the comments. Have you tried it? Are you confused by it? I want to hear what you think!

5 Simple Ways to Look for Google Love in All the Right Places

I’m very happy to feature a guest post from Conrad Walton on the blog this week. Conrad helps people get their sites found by search engines by helping them with SEO — Search Engine Optimization. In today’s post, he shares his top tips for making your website stand out. If you still have questions after reading this post, let him know in the comments. –Pamela Wilson

brand marketing made better through Search Engine OptimizationIn 7th grade, I really liked Diane. Everything about her was awesome.

She was a friend of friends, so when she would see me in the hall at school, she would smile at me and say “Hi.”

I knew she liked me as much as I liked her, otherwise, why would she smile and say “Hi” to me?

When I thought the time was right, I told her I liked her and wanted her to “go steady”.

Her answer was “Eeew! No way!”

I was crushed.

I had misread the signals.

Search engines are no smarter than I was in 7th grade. They are trying to read the signals too.

Here are 5 simple steps to BIG Search Engine Optimization.

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How to Use Social Media for M*!%^*ing

I’m happy to have a guest post from Dave Charest today. Dave helps indie artists market themselves better. He has a way of cutting through the confusion and getting to the essentials when it comes to marketing, so I knew you’d enjoy hearing from him. Let’s make him feel welcome with some comments, shall we? –Pamela

brand marketing is easier with tips from DaveWhoops! Sorry, I used the ugly ‘M’ word.

Yeah, it’s true. So many people have such a disdain for “marketing” that it’s a bit of a curse word these days.

Then come all these social media tools that allow everyone to market all the time. It’s not surprising people have had enough.

But Is It Really Marketing People are Sick Of?

It’s my belief that it’s not marketing, but rather bad marketing that gets under people’s skin. So as you go through the process of sorting out the effect of social media and the Internet on your small business, I’d like to offer you a frame from which to approach your journey.

A frame that allows you to use social media to create marketing that people love. Marketing that people actually want to share. Marketing that works to grow your small business.

Here’s the first question we’ll need to ask…

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6 Ways Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Twitter

Editor’s Note: I’m thrilled to introduce you to my favorite – and funny – social media expert, Grandma Mary. She’s here to share her favorite Twitter tips for small business owners just like you. –Pamela Wilson

brand marketing with Twitter is easy with tips from Grandma MaryGrandma Mary here.

Thanks Pamela, for letting me hijack the Big Brand System for the day. Because I’ve got a beef about all the information on how to use Twitter. A lot of it is directed towards large corporations and managing the “big brand” as you say. But what about the smaller businesses – how are they using Twitter?

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The World As We Know It Is (Not) About to End

Book publishers might think their world is about to end. The Internet offers enough reading material (and distraction) they may fear no one will read a book again.

As small business owners, the effect of social media and the Internet on our businesses is something we’re all in the process of sorting out. It can be disheartening to think the old model we may have grown used to is just not working anymore.

Here’s a video that shows what Penguin books (Dorling Kindserley in the UK) thinks about these trends. I saw a similar video a while back that was an Argentinian political statement, so this idea is not original, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it applied to marketing concepts.

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