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Google+? Grandma Mary Dishes on the New Kid in Town

Google+ is the newest social media phenomenon, and I brought Grandma Mary — our favorite funny social media expert — in for a video interview. I wanted to get her take on it. Click play below to see what she thinks: she doesn’t hold back!

Here’s what we covered:

  • What “personalities” each social network has, and the best way to use each one
  • Whether or not you should try to migrate the friends and followers you have on Facebook over to Google+
  • How to share your information on Google+: when to make it public, and when to limit it to your circles
  • What to do when someone adds you to a circle, and you have no idea who they are
  • What Grandma really thinks about Google+. Is it the new face of the web? She spills the beans in this exclusive video!

Find more of Grandma Mary’s social media tips here.

Tell me what you think about Google+ in the comments. Have you tried it? Are you confused by it? I want to hear what you think!

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How to Eliminate Marketing Overwhelm This Week

[This series is no longer available: thanks for your interest!]

Grow your business when YOU are the marketing department

Marketing your business by yourself can be difficult — and lonely — but there’s help available. The Solitary Marketer Success Series is free information I’ve created that will help you to polish up the marketing messages you send out, and the way you present them.

You’ll discover:

  • How having a huge marketing budget doesn’t keep major corporations from making embarrassing mistakes in the Marketing Bloopers video. I’ll show you what you can learn from those mistakes so you won’t make them yourself.
  • What you can do this week to improve how you present your brand — and what you must avoid at all costs — in the Brand Rehab special report.
  • Plus, you’ll get access directly to me in the Q&A video I’m hosting. I want to hear your toughest marketing challenges!

Register for the Solitary Marketer Success Series above: you’ll get immediate access to the special page I’ve created. It’s 100% free, so sign up now. See you inside!

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Surprising Insights About Web Video

My interview with Dave Kaminski of web video university

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing someone I’ve held in high regard for years: Dave Kaminski of Web Video University. Since I was in the middle of writing my Design 101 series, I posted the interview video on a private page and only shared it with my newsletter readers.

[EDIT: This video is no longer available]

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