Unlock the Power of the Grid

how to design a good web page using gridsGrids are a designer’s best friend, and anyone can use them to put together pages that look organized and cohesive.

The way to work with a grid is to break your page into small units. You combine these units together — while respecting the underlying grid — to create interesting pages that have variety, but look unified.

Say, What?

If that doesn’t make sense, it’s because talking about grids doesn’t communicate their power. It will make more sense to you if we look at some examples.

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Design Bloopers | Would You Donate to an Unreadable Cause?

how to make a brand look professional with marketing materials that communicate your message across
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This piece came in the mail a while back and I saved it to my design bloopers folder to share with you.

I am sad to say it was soliciting donations for a college design program. (Details have been obscured to protect the innocent).

Maybe they’re using reverse psychology. When they sent out a piece like this, maybe what they were really trying to say is, “support our design program, because clearly we have a lot to learn.”

(In fairness, I think the piece was done by a student. I would be embarrassed to share some of my student work. I’ve created plenty of bloopers over the years, too. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way!)

In the spirit of learning, let’s talk about why it doesn’t work.

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Design 101 | Harness the Power of Color in your Marketing

Ahhh, color. What else in the design arsenal is as powerful and as dangerous as color?

brand strategy includes choosing color wisely

Dangerous? Yes! When properly implemented, color can give your marketing materials a polished, cohesive look.

But if you don’t handle color with care, your stuff will look terrible, or worse – be confusing.

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