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Pamela Wilson
Founder, BIG Brand System


I’m Pamela Wilson, and I know that building an online business isn’t easy.

If it’s not the constant barrage of new information, it’s the ever-changing tools and tactics you “should” be using right now.

Even tougher? Managing the thoughts inside your own head! 

(It’s OK — we all have those doubts.)

If you’ve ever heard yourself saying:

  • “I don’t know what to work on next”
  • “I’m not sure what my audience will want to buy”
  • “I don’t have a clue how to get the word out about my new venture”
  • “I’m terrified to publish/email/speak at this event …”

… it’s OK. It’s normal to worry about the unknown! And online business building is a never-ending parade of unknowns, isn’t it? 

But today, I’ve got great news for you — there’s a much better way.

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I’ve tried everything and it’s just not working”

You’ve read countless blog posts, listened to all the right podcasts — maybe even signed up for a course or two. But your online business is not coming together, and you’re not sure why.

“I have limited time but want to see results”

You have other obligations — maybe even a full-time job. That’s why you need to build on online business efficiently — you have a BIG desire but no time to spare.

“I feel like I’m working in solitary confinement”

You have no one to talk to about the ins and outs of building a business online. When you try to talk to friends and family, their eyes glaze over … they just don’t get it!

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

What BIG League Team Members Say ...

“I feel like there’s really everything needed right here in the course”

“The BIG League is a real community that is supportive, clear & helpful. Helpful in that there’s honest feedback that moves the conversation/person forward toward their goals.

I feel like there’s really everything needed right here in the course. No need to run around searching to cobble different courses together.” 

– Tracie Stucker

“I am beginning to feel less stress”

“I have found it difficult to ‘go it alone.’ Now I am beginning to feel less stress when I ask questions. 

I like posting a question and at least one answer arrives in a short time period. 

I can relax and trust that my fellow members will respond in a helpful manner.” 

– Bob Jones

Welcome to the BIG League

Tap Into Decades of Wisdom so You Can Build an Online Business You Love

You’re mid-career or beyond. And you’re ready to build a business that sustains you — financially and emotionally.

But … online business requirements are constantly changing — where can you go for help? And how can you afford that help when you’re just starting out?

When you get access to a business-building approach that eliminates the feeling of overwhelm, PLUS ongoing support, guidance, and encouragement, you’ll make BIG progress — even if you have limited time.

That’s why I created the BIG League — to guide you, encourage you, and support you as you create an online business you’ll love

Why Join the BIG League?

Save Time

We’ll focus on what needs to happen for the stage you're in right now. You'll have an extensive training library available to you from the moment you log in.

The result? You’ll reach your online goals in record time and be fully supported in your journey.

Get Support

Never get stuck with unanswered questions again: monthly group coaching and our private members forum put decades of business-building experience at your fingertips.

Ask questions, share wins, and get inspired — all in one private, uncluttered space.

Take BIG Action

Obstacles and frustrations are a fact of life in the business world. The BIG League Ideacast is your private, members-only audio recording that will fuel your journey every month.

Download and listen, learn, and build your business while you live your life.

You CAN Do This! Even If ...

Your time is limited

The BIG League is there for you when you have time — and will wait for you when you don’t.

You’re not “techie”

No question is too small! We’ve all been there — the BIG League team has your back.

You’re just starting out

You’ll access decades of online business experience so you can start strong.

What BIG League Team Members Say ...

“… makes so much sense”

Your approach of building an online business in stages makes so much sense. I’m sorting through the clamor, focusing, making decisions and taking actions towards building a solid business.”

– Barbara Peterson

“An incredibly efficient and effective use of time, effort, and money”

“We benefit from working with a seasoned, successful online business person who has developed a simple yet comprehensive process — a road map from being ON the road more than once herself. 

Pamela knows the trials and triumphs of each section of the road.

She generously shares her own knowledge. Working with Pamela and her road map is incredibly efficient and effective use of time, effort and money.” 

– Dawn Kotzer

“I love the clarity of information for each stage, no feeling of overwhelm!”

“I highly recommend the Big League to anyone building an online business! It is organized in a way that supports you where you are in your journey, the community is really engaged.

When you hit the skills wall, there is someone to give you the exact guidance that you need so you can continue to progress.

I love the clarity of information for each stage, no feeling of overwhelm! I’m so glad I made the decision to join.”

– Nancy Nesyto-Freske

“Don’t wait — do it NOW.”

“I learn pearls from hearing what other people are working on. Don’t wait — do it NOW. You won’t regret it” 

– Sandi Feaster

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Pamela Wilson
Founder, BIG Brand System