How to design a powerful logo in 3 simple steps

How to Design a Powerful Logo in 3 Simple Steps [Infographic]

Did you ever wonder how to design a logo?

Better yet — how do designers create logos that are simple, memorable, and effective?

In today’s post, I’m letting you inside my designer brain so you can see what goes through my head when I make website images, logos, and other visual content.

In the infographic below, you’ll see the process I went through to design a logo for my newest product — The Image Lab.

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Why Does That Logo Cost So Much? 1

Why Does That Logo Cost So Much?

Logo design is in the news on a regular basis. And the story usually isn’t pretty.

Here’s how it goes:

“The XYZ Organization revealed their new logo last week. Customers complained bitterly that the new image didn’t represent their hopes and dreams.

And when XYZ Organization admitted the new logo cost $40,000, a protest was organized and shareholders complained loudly about “wasting funds on a frivolous expense.”

Why is it that people don’t like it when logos change?

I’m going to answer this one based on my vast experience with human nature — something that can only be acquired after you’ve lived as long as I have. 😉

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Rich font examples with a photo of a pool overlooking a beautiful, upscale neighborhood.

Type Styles of the Rich and Famous

Typography tells a story

Well-designed, rich fonts are beautiful to behold. Their angles and forms are an inspiration.

Fonts have a “personality,” and if you tune into what their shapes are trying to say, you can make those traits work for your business.

Let’s say on the other side of your town a company is developing an upscale neighborhood high on a hill overlooking the ocean. They’ve decided to call it “Grandview Estates.” Their tagline is “Rising Above the Rest.”

[Pretty snobby, right?]

Now let’s say you’ve been asked to design the sign that will sit at the entrance to the neighborhood.

You’ve been told that the sign needs to “reflect the caliber of people we want to attract to our estate properties.”

You know what that really means.

You need to attract rich people! Time to break out …

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Make marketing easier and faster

4 Ways to Make Your Marketing Journey Easier and Faster

Marketing your business yourself isn’t easy.

And if you’re reading BIG Brand System, chances are you have little or no marketing or design training, and you’re here so you can learn how to market your business effectively.

Over these past few months, I’ve been working on a series of guides that will provide the foundational knowledge you need to do your branding work.

And I’m very happy to announce that they’re ready today.

I feel like a proud new mom showing off baby pictures! Here they are:

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Free font combinations

Font Styles that Work: 5 Favorite Free Font Combinations

Looking for free font combinations? That’s probably because you realize that nothing will ruin your design faster than the wrong fonts.

That amazing headline you came up with, the words you worked hard to write, the sidebar copy or call out text you want to emphasize … they’ll all be ignored when you use the wrong fonts to communicate them.

Even worse: the wrong font styles might communicate the exact opposite of what you intend, sending a confusing mixed message to your reader.

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