Plan a Promotional Page that Provokes Action (And Download a Free Checklist)

If you’re putting together a promotional message for your small business, whether it’s a newspaper ad, a web landing page, or a flyer, there are design principles you can put to work for you that will make your page more effective.

These principles aren’t just about color and typefaces.

Good design starts with a well-thought-out message and then it focuses on the visual.

Master the basic content and appearance elements, and your promotions will move your audience to take action.

brand marketing with a promotional page that provokes actionA checklist for now (and later)

Are you planning to work on promotional materials in the future?

Download this editable Promotions Checklist to use as a reference every time you start work on a promotion. Going through this checklist will ensure you include the most important elements for a successful piece. You’ll have a plan to follow that will guide the process.

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Ebook Makeover Clinic

Good Design Decisions Can Save You Money

One of my Big Brand System blog readers, Deborah Hanchey, wanted to spend big bucks on design software to create a better looking ebook. She planned to buy Adobe InDesign, but what her ebook really needed was design, not InDesign.

Purchasing Adobe InDesign would have set her back almost $700.00. Instead, she made some good design decisions using the software she had on her computer already: Microsoft Word. The final product is an ebook she’s proud to sell.

(NOTE: This post was written well before eBook Evolution was available. Deborah has since purchased that product, and is happily creating ebooks using the exclusive templates and the writing and marketing techniques in that product.)

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Design Bloopers: Only the Shadow Knows

I can spot it a mile away, and after this post, I hope you can, too. It’s the mark of an amateur who is dabbling in design. What gives them away?

They lurk in the (drop) shadows.

Drop That Shadow, and Take Your Hands Off That Mouse!

Drop shadows are one of those graphic “tricks” that people are drawn to like moths to a light bulb. The downside of drop shadows is that they give type or objects a fuzzy edge, and they make text very hard to read. There are a few very limited times when drop shadows can be useful, however.

It’s much easier to show you, so watch this quick video:

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Design Bloopers: This Ad Gives Me A Headache

This post is about a major design blooper, and this one touches on typography.

Noticing design bloopers is one of my favorite pastimes! (Ask anyone who lives with me).

I especially enjoy seeing major corporations make massively expensive design mistakes: it’s a good reminder that good and bad design are within reach of all of us (and sometimes even the big guys reach for bad design).

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Design 101 | A Cheat Sheet That Will Keep You Honest

brand strategy includes choosing a typefaces and color palette for your business

What if I told you that all the previous posts in the Design 101 series could make you money?

They can, but only if you apply the idea that’s presented in this post.

Don’t go changin’

You want to sell, correct? Whether you’re selling services, products, or your charming personality, you want to sell. And people want to buy from you. Let me repeat: people want to buy from you. But who are you?

Your company, your brand, has standards of behavior. You treat your customers fairly, you’re responsive, you innovate. If you’re doing it right, your marketing materials reflect your company’s standards of behavior.

One of the most important actions you can take now is to be sure that your marketing is consistent over time. Because once your customer knows who you are, you build trust by presenting a cohesive brand every time your customer interacts with you: now, next month and next year.

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