Discover Your Brand Identity with this Free Brand Personality Quiz

Pamela Wilson
Pamela Wilson

Scroll down to take my free brand personality quiz. You’ll build a better brand by answering these six quick questions. Plus, you’ll get your results right on this page. 

If you’re wondering:

  • What is my brand personality?
  • What is my personal brand?

… and you’re not sure how to define your brand personality, you’ve come to the right place, my friend! 

Creating a brand for yourself is do-able, but your need to know your brand personality before you start.

Take the Free Brand Personality Quiz

Discover your brand personality with these six questions

Do not over think this and don’t be afraid to envision where you’d like your company to be, even if it’s not there now. Choose your best answer and read on.

What your score means

Your brand personality is contemporary, fast-moving and energetic. You like to make ideas happen quickly, and you don’t mind taking risks. Your communication style is friendly and approachable.

Your brand personality is somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing your business, the middle is the worst place to be. The middle is Blandsville. Avoid it all all costs and take a stand!


Your brand personality is traditional, and relies on established ways of getting things done. You might be trying to appeal to upscale clientele, and your communication style is corporate and professional.

Now that you know your brand personality, let’s move on to the next step to building a profitable brand …

Create Stunning Visuals to Match Your Brand Personality

Discover how to draw attention to your brand with high-impact visual content marketing — even if you’re not a designer!

Register for my free on-demand visual marketing workshop and learn how to brand your business using gorgeous visuals you create yourself.

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How to Express Your Brand Personality

You probably expect me to talk about your logo, don’t you?

A logo can be part of a brand, but it’s not the whole story — not by a long shot.

Building an unforgettable brand goes well beyond your logo.

Your brand is the experience customers have when doing business with your company. It includes:

  • The benefits you commit to delivering. These are things like more time or money, recognition, acceptance, security or pleasure. Does your product or service deliver any of these benefits?
  • The promises you make and keep. These include the features your product or service offers, and how you deliver them. Do you meet the deadline or delivery date? Do you include extras, or go above and beyond the ordinary? Do you find ways to add value? Read more: The Transformative Effect of a Well-Built Brand Statement.
  • How you follow up after you’ve delivered. This covers aspects of your business like how you keep in touch, how you deal with problems that arise and how you nurture your business relationships over time.

Finally, your visual marketing wraps it up in a cohesive package. At least, it should

Your visual marketing should be a reflection of everything we covered above: the benefits you offer, the promises you make and keep, and the words you use to present your products or services.

Your visual marketing includes things like:

  • Your colors
  • Your typefaces
  • Your logo
  • Your overall graphic style

See the bottom of this page for free training that will help you present your brand personality with stunning visual marketing you do yourself! 

Uncover it and let it shine

Every brand has a personality. One personality isn’t “better” than the other. Once you identify your company’s brand personality you can use that knowledge in all the marketing you do.

The advantage? Your marketing communications will all look and sound like they’re coming from the same source. 

Over time, the way you express your brand verbally and visually will be right on target, every time.

Keep learning for free

I’d love to teach you more.

Register for my free on-demand visual marketing workshop and learn how to brand your business using gorgeous visuas you create yourself.

This visual marketing is perfect for promoting your brand on your website, in ads, on social media, and in your email marketing. Register and start watching right away.

Take this quick Brand Personality Quiz to discover how your brand identity shows up in the world! Once you understand your brand personality your online marketing will be more effective. Discover how to communicate what your business really represents — get results right on the page! #onlinemarketing #onlinebranding #brandpersonality #branding