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How One Entrepreneur Uses Visual Marketing to Build Her Business

Today I’m very happy to introduce you to Jill Allison Bryan, who owns Creative Oasis™ Coaching.


Jill is a Kaizen-Muse® Creativity Coach. She helps people successfully incorporate creativity in their busy lives, whether that means applying creativity to their businesses, or in their personal lives.

It’s an interesting profession. But not easy to explain!

Enter visual marketing

A year ago, Jill signed up for Visual Buzz 101 — the course I created with Kelly Kingman — and for which we just recently finished creating the last class.

Here’s what she says in her own words:

“One of the best decisions I’ve made for my business in the last year was to join the Visual Buzz 101 program. I’ve learned so much!

I was looking for a way to create more visual interest to promote my business online.

After attending the free webinar I felt really good about the purchase right away. I purchased the All-Access Pass and am so glad that I did. The bonus iPiccy tutorials were wonderful and got me off to a great start with the using the program right away.”

Boosting her brand with visuals

Jill was lucky that she hit on a great business name and symbol from the very beginning. The “oasis” part of her business name refers to the idea that when we incorporate creativity into our lives, it serves as a break from everyday activities.

In Jill’s words, your creative oasis “makes your heart sing, and time fly.”

Her logo features a gorgeous mandala with a lotus flower to symbolize how the people she coaches blossom while working with her.


If you have an existing brand name and style, carry those elements through when you create your images, presentations, videos, etc.

When you do that, each piece of visual marketing serves as a building block that grows awareness of your brand.

Jill has been smart about the way she’s built visual marketing around her existing brand.

She has incorporated her existing colors and typefaces into the pieces she has created. Notice in the image below how the bright orange and gold colors look like they come directly from her logo.

And the font, while not an exact match, has the same casual feel as the font used in her logo.

Jill Allison Bryan

Where’s Jill in her visual marketing journey now?

She has been working hard over the past year to learn the ropes and feel more comfortable with the tools. Here’s what she says:

“I now have this treasure chest of valuable tools that help me create great looking images for my newsletters, 3D product images for my e-books, logos for products, engaging sales pages and more. I’m looking forward to creating slide shows and videos in the near future as well using what I’ve learned with Visual Buzz 101. You and Kelly really created something amazing with that program!”

Ready to start your visual marketing journey?

Kelly and I put our heads together to create a free Brown Bag Webinar for you that’s all about getting started with visual marketing.

Discover how to amplify your marketing message with images on our free Brown Bag Webinar.

To watch this — and all the other Brown Bag Webinars — click the button below.


Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson

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