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Grab Your Prospects by the Eyeballs with Visual Marketing

Content featuring compelling images is shared 94% more.

In a world full of
World full of text There’s one surefire way to
your prospects in their tracks.There’s one way that grabs them by the
every time.

It has been used to communicate since ancient times.

And it’s not going away: as a matter of fact, it becomes a more powerful marketing tool with every passing month.

It is, of course, images.

Images are grabbing eyeballs left and right. Why?

Because images speak directly to us. There’s no “word processing” time involved: a well-chosen image is straight meaning.

Content featuring compelling images is shared 94% more.

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I’ve got news for you. The image train has already left the

Train station

It’s gone.

And those who take the image train count on higher engagement, more social shares, and — in the long run — more sales.

Are you on board?

If you feel like you’re trying to catch up to the visual marketing train, register below to watch a free Brown Bag Webinar about amplifying your marketing message with images.

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Pamela Wilson

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5 thoughts on “Grab Your Prospects by the Eyeballs with Visual Marketing”

  1. I have thought about using images – creating images (I have an interest in photography. So, this is one opportunity to cultivate my interest further. I also have some skills with Photoshop. I am working on them).

    I am getting a few ideas now. I am planning on using tip boxes and quote boxes, so I could use images once in a while?

    Images are also great for presenting data – My new blog will be focusing on experiments 😀

    I am gonna go get my yellow pad..let me write down these ideas before I forget.

    Thanks, Pamela!

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